Taowan 1206 1207 Russian Armored High Mobility Vehicle Gaz Tigr

I took your advice Adam and went for it. I got the last one my friend was selling in his hobby store…bought it for under $900. So half the price that one on ebay…LOL!

Good call Dave. Share some pics if you get around to setting it up. It pays to be somewhat near to China as half the cost of these things ends up being the freight bill.

Yeah, the owner said it was surface shipped. Which should be a fraction of the cost of shipping by air. But still a pretty penny.

@davinator65 Would you happen to have a spare tyre for sale?

Need to create this

I have not even gotten this! LOL! I guess my friend could make the tires, but this would require him making a mold and them casting it. It could cost as much as a $100.

Okay. Where do I start…

I will start with the pioneer tools. Pretty good. Made of aluminum and wood, but the axe sucks. They only pasted the end on to the wood. Came broken. The shovel is very good. Saw…kind of cartoonish. It doesn’t look real, but like I said, made of metal.

Side mirrors. Boy, after they got so much flak about the M-ATV side mirrors, I guess they decided to put real mirror just the Humvee. Yippee!

The roof opening, not bad, but not the same grade steel as in the humvee and M-ATV. Definitely thinner.

The leather and cloth coverings could of been better. Much much better. They just slapped on some glue and put the covering over it. Did not care about if the covering was glued down. The one thing good about the camo version is that they covered the interior with woodland cloth.

The door…I don’t know if the real one uses a dead bolt locking system, but I don’t think so…LOL! Unlike the Humvee and M-ATV where you actually have to turn the lever to open the doors, this one you can only open the doors from the roof hatch. Not good.

From the looks of it, it is slightly longer than the Humvee. Which I guess is a good thing because this to seat 6 of your figures.

The antenna…looks like you have to find your own, that is fine, because the tips of fishing rods looks as if they will fit.

The external lights on the roof, looks like I have to find some reflectors or something because they were just painted green.

Over all impressions. It is nothing like the Humvee, but that ran you close to $1500, or M-ATV which is about the same price, but with cheaper metal. I am not impressed, but with that being said, there is nothing like it on the market, so I guess I have to love it…which I do. I just wish they got it right and not choose to go cheaper…

The interior does look a bit less refined than the MATV that’s for sure. I know when I talked to them some years ago they were struggling to find international distributors for their product. Their big challenge price wise was getting someone large enough to import enough of them cost effectively since half or more of the price ends up eaten up in shipping costs and distributor margins when they are in smaller shipments. I guess they tried with this one and their other recent hummers to cut costs to bring down the retail price. Even with the cheaper build I would have liked to get one of them if they were more readily available somewhere closer. Importing them isn’t much fun.

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