Taowan 1206 1207 Russian Armored High Mobility Vehicle Gaz Tigr



Your first 1/6 item

I took your advice Adam and went for it. I got the last one my friend was selling in his hobby store…bought it for under $900. So half the price that one on ebay…LOL!


Good call Dave. Share some pics if you get around to setting it up. It pays to be somewhat near to China as half the cost of these things ends up being the freight bill.


Yeah, the owner said it was surface shipped. Which should be a fraction of the cost of shipping by air. But still a pretty penny.


@davinator65 Would you happen to have a spare tyre for sale?

Need to create this


I have not even gotten this! LOL! I guess my friend could make the tires, but this would require him making a mold and them casting it. It could cost as much as a $100.