Tattoo/Decal Application



  • Cut decal to desired size using sharp scissors or a cutter knife. It is usually best to cut it as close to the design as possible without touching the ink when possible.


  • Brush decal setting agent (I’m using Vallejo Decal Fix) on the area where the decal is to be placed.
  • Place decal in water (room temperature) for a few seconds.
  • With tweezers or fingers slide decal off paper.
  • Place on surface in desired location using tweezers. Be careful not to poke a hole in the decal! (While wet, the decals will usually move pretty easily)


  • Gently smooth the decal with a tissue, brush or soft cloth to remove air bubbles and excess water.
  • Brush on decal softener (such as Vallejo Decal Medium) if needed. This is needed for irregular surfaces and/or when you use larger design.
  • When decal is set the way you like it, set it aside to dry for a while.
  • Ready!

Hope this will help!

OSO2003 - SEAL Team 3 - The Horsemen

Thanks for the tutorial!!! I bought some decals to use as tattoos on eBay and have up until today been reluctant to use them. Your tutorial gave me the motivation to try.

My big question is where to buy these Vallejo products online. Any insights?


Thank you very much for the tutorial … I will try to put it into application very soon … again thank you for sharing. :wink:


Microscale is another brand for these products.


Thanks Oso! I found a e-store that delivers to PR and got both products for less than $6.


I’m looking forward to see your results!:wink: