Tavor Bullpup Shotgun



Looks like the Tar-21 stock and trigger unit. Is it a prototype or a fake?

They’ll be showing it at Shotshow which is not far away. Doesn’t look like the most ergonomic thing to handle.

Might be like the Tar-21, that the whole weight is carried by your trigger hand and shoulder, so your other hand to aim has less weight to handle. Therefore the strange look?

Could be. The Tavor is comfortable to hold but this looks a bit less so. Reminds me of the XM25 for some reason.

Pretty nifty seeing this in action.

So two bullets per barrel and you have to rotate it manually. Wouldn’t it be faster with a pre-loaded mag and automated barrel rotation?

A mag would be probably difficult to insert. Maybe horizontal from the right though.

It actually holds 4-5 per tube depending on the shell length. In the video he is probably just shooting 2 at a time to test out the tube change. Most of the complaints with bullpups always boil down to the awkward nature of reloading, so you can see where a system like this appeals.