Teased but unannounced: Soldier Story

I went through all their Expo pics to check the past teasers and gathered them here. Some are a few years old already, but no need to worry. The SS101 figure’s M4 rifle was teased 2013 and found it’s way 5 years later to release.

Some of their rifle displays however contain rifles that are already out.









And this mystery figure!


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Speaking of, they just hinted at another figure on facebook: Alpha Green. My guess is that will be a Green Beret figure.

I want to see them put out another non-camo M4 & M203 combo. This would be a fitting choice for a Green Beret.

Unless, of course, they slap camo on it.

Look at 2017 of my pics. This winter soldier comes with an AT4?

Yeah, but that could easily be an internal kitbash that never sees release at retail. I remember these pics. Until I see an announcement that a figure with an AT4 has entered production (not just up for preorder, actual production), I ain’t holding my breath for an SS AT4.

I have also seen several of their bashes, but clothing and vest seems to be new on this winter figure. A positive is, that they released figures and parts in 2020, they announced 5 years ago.

From the Stay in Your Lane archives:



Everybody wants to be Hot Toys, too bad they already snatched up all the good licenses.

It appears that they are doing a lot of developmental stuff, all kind of bits, but is any getting out the door?
How are they paying for it?

They had a few of the Hotel Transylvania bits show up at Toys R US in Asia briefly but I think most of this stuff has died on the vine. Blitzway beat them to the punch on Ghostbusters and the feminist reboot proved to be a pretty toxic property. There were some various other statues and other assorted product that seemed to flop as well in recent years and didn’t see the light of day. It might explain why they had to resort to trying to crowdfund figures and outstanding preorders sat for years as all the prototyping and preparation for these lines would have tied up a lot of money. If they had perhaps concentrated on getting out some of their other prototype products that at least might appeal to their customer base they may have fared better. As it stands the likes of Joy Toy have taken over that 1/18 niche they wanted to start exploring. Sometimes the grass on the other side just plain doesn’t grow.


WTW??? When you run into an old friend that you lost track of years ago, and they are selling old Earth Shoes, with rare-earth magnets embedded in them…

(Soldier Story fades into the distance, in the rear view mirror…)

Hang on, wait, let them release SS121 so I can grab several of those RPDs first!

Wait, SS115, SS116, SDU diver and short barreled QBZ-95!

How many of those Soldier Story HGU-56 Helmets came out? I’ve only ever seen the Green with pig mask, and green with yellow mask.

I would have bought one of the entire lot.

8 so far. SS046, SS087, SS091, Pig, Hulk, Pirate Baboon, Vampire and Duck.
The last two on my list flew under the radar. Released 2019 at an expo.

This has got to be Glen Quagmire’s helmet…

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