TEASER Easy & Simple 26027


Straight from their Facebook page. Could be a USMC figure coming up next.



Holster is great. Almost perfect replacement for the SAS 26022R figure.
Rifle looks like one from their dead stock rifle sets they released some years ago.


Hard to tell, but given the 5.56 mag and Leupold (?) scope, the rifle might be the USMC’s new M38 - an M27 in the DMR role.

Also visible is a HK stock in the RAL8000 finish. I’d like to see an HK416A5 with a 14.5” barrel.

Easy & Simple 26027 MARSOC Raider Urban Warfare Operator

I would be in for that. Either way: M38 or 416A5!


Is this a SEAL designated marksman?


Very interesting. Patch on the helmet leaves me to believe its a Raider. E&S is starting to become my favorite. Used to be SS, but E&S is looking better.


Definitely like what I see just by that little pic.


A take on this guy from the Burkina Faso attacks:

Easy & Simple 26027 MARSOC Raider Urban Warfare Operator

They basically covered every person in this picture in the end, I guess.


They haven’t done a Burkina Fasoan infantryman or an opposing AQIM fighter yet, but my guess is that the latter would be too controversial a character to market.


Maybe Black Hole Toys will do an AQIM. They just did two Bin Ladens and a K-9 Hitler, like Adam said :laughing:


Seems that way though I wonder if there are any real life pics that back this loadout up.


It’s a bit different from the available reference photos. Here is another shot, although not great.


I believe that’s another French operator to the rear in that photo. Dunno, still looking forward to seeing more of what this figure looks like though.


If you look at the rifle you can make out the Elcan on there which matches in the larger high res photo from the side/rear. The French CCE and US woodland look quite similar.


Oh wait, so it does. I never really noticed the guy with the M81 top and khaki bdu pants for some reason.