TEASER SuperMCToys FSB Russian

From some months ago, but found this on their official site.

I can make out an APS pistol, RGD-5 grenades, an STSh-81 helmet and an AK74M. Then there is sth hiding in the background.

After my previous experience with MCToys’ second sets (no show, at my supplier), I would’ve blown this off. However, on Tuesday, I was notified the last series Spetsnaz sets had finally arrived, for pickup. With the supply chain apparently restored, I will wait enthusiastically for what happens next.

Given the choice of Dubok type camo on the helmet, RD-5 grenades and what looks like an older pattern AK74 with the wooden forgrip, I would wager this is a first Chechen war character they’re cooking up.

Cool, I’m in for another Spetsnaz soldier. Would be cool if it is a first or second Chechen war figure. Got plenty of more modern ones released or in the works.

I’m hoping they’ll veer away from the fashion line and revisit their military lines now that a lot of the clothing brands are enforcing their trademarks in China. They have been forced to use their own brand name on fashion stuff, which sort of defeats the appeal of the product.

Seems to be more of a localized issue with US retailers importing their own product (late arrivals due to consolidating multiple releases) as well as inconsistent supply of the brand from their distributor in the US. Most of the money is probably committed to Phicen and DAM to hit quotas so the smaller brands aren’t stocked consistently in the US by the distributor responsible for the line. It was sort of weird that at the height of the initial Russian wave years back their sets were in short supply.

I had a chance to discuss the situation with my local dealer. Apparently, his distributor had not been doing his job, regarding timelines and amounts. It looks like that has been dealt with, one way or the other.
I know business is like life in general, with some people doing things that seem aimed at failure, but it still surprises me. The whole hobby is just not that big, and foolish practices tend to bite people in the ass, rather quickly.

It is one of the more challenging aspects of the hobby on the retail side and if you carry a broad assortment as a retailer it could be challenging to keep on top of each release with your suppliers. I’ve seen some things over the years that really make me question how much regional distributors actually want to grow the hobby versus protecting their own interests and providing uneven levels of service to curry favor with some parties. It would certainly be better served by having distributors that have no retail arm, whether officially or through backdoor relationships.

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In several of these cases, I have seen copies of comms which cite customers’ queries, after the pre-orders run over-long (myself being one of those customers). As I said during the discussion of the sluggish distributor, I found it hard to believe that the company would like their product being held back.
In the chain of commerce, the manufacturer, dealer, and customer, all desire a successful transaction. The distributor should, as well. Therein lies the weak link.

The margins exist for a regional distributor to get product to retailers in a timely fashion but there is a lot of profit optimization that goes on which sees shipments delayed in order to facilitate consolidation for cheaper sea shipping, which is fine in principle but those delays can go on for many months and in the meantime some parties get product an others do not. It is not uncommon to see a 4-6 month delay between regions and that really isn’t conducive to happy customers. Honestly I don’t even seen the rationale for product hitting a distributor first before being passed onto a retailer these days as outside of major releases this only ads costs and delay to the process. This isn’t the old days when a single release meant at least a 20ft container shipment.

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Guess this teaser went no where. Wish it had. Could just be taking them a long time but still nothing on a new Russian figure.