Technic Toys HEROINE Republic of China Law Enforcers


simulation head
naked body in mermaid posture with moveable joints
holding-gun bare hand
holding-gun gloved hand
fisted hand
hand in salute
bullet proof helmet and helmet cover
wind goggles
shooting glasses
black traing suit jacket including special force badge and arm band
black training suit pants
tactical vest
combat boots
gas mask
elbow pad
knee pad
leg holster
QSZ92 handgun
gun laser sight
backup 9-caliber MAG
hand-held tactical light
tactical light cover
walkie-talkie and throat mics
QCW05 sub-machine gun
optical sight
backup 5.8-caliber SMG MAG
rifle sling
backup MAG pouch
multifunctional tactical knife
multifunctional knife case
pepper spray
pepper spray bag
smoke grenade
smoke grenade bag