Technical pickup truck

I’ve been bitten by the vehicle bug…

Trying to put together one of my longest wants in this hobby: a technical pickup truck with mounted heavy machine gun for my guys to roam around. I guess looking at all those pics of ISIS guys and the SF guys fighting them is too much for my fragile 1:6 psyche…

In terms of concept, I’m thinking it’s gonna be a bad guy vehicle. That way it could be a little banged up and it wouldn’t have to be fancy. Finding a scale pickup truck has proven impossible so far. Anything remotely close to scale is RC, and the ones I’ve seen are all souped up, big tires, lots of stickers, crazy paint jobs etc. I haven’t been able to find a “basic” pickup for sale through either Google, Amazon or eBay. So that’s strike one.

Finding the weapon to mount on the vehicle has been a holy grail for ages. The Dragon/CyberHobby DshK in its various forms cannot be found anywhere, believe me I’ve tried for ages…I’ve been hoping one is made through 3D printing but no luck so far. Then there’s the gun mount, which would also have to be 3D printed…strikes 2 & 3.

Am I really out without a chance to even swing at the ball? Does anyone have any insights, directions, consolations etc.? I’m thinking commission work has got to be the only way to go at this point. I know I’m not alone in this search, and that a technical must be in someone else’s want list too.

Please post your comments. Thanks!

I did a Google search, keywords “1:6 scale trucks”. Got a lot of pages of varied images, but they also mixed in other scales. The more affordable pickups seem to run about $40 to under $100, and are heavy duty Fords or GM products. Those would be around, where well-heeled buyers might choose them, but some HiLuxes would be nice.
As for heavy weapons,it might be easier to use plastic and metal hobby parts (tubing, round stock, square, rectangular, and sheet) to fabricate something as heavy as a 73mm BMP gun, or a light autocannon. Otherwise, a Ma Deuce on a pintle, or a light machine gun (GPMG/M240, or a Russian PKM, or older model) atop the cab.

It would be nice to see an updated one made by someone given how central it is to the period. I’m surprised ZY hasn’t tackled one yet. Tough to find a usable RC truck due to that cartoonish element and scales usually being off. Someone like Go Truck would be a natural fit to make one but I get the sense they are still trying to figure out where their market lies outside of WWII.

Couldn’t agree more Adam. Just this Friday I bought the Osprey book “Technicals” by Leigh Neville; these vehicles have become military/guerrilla “standards” over the last 5 decades, and to me it’s quite surprising that companies have not tackled even a basic pickup truck. Even something made completely out of plastic like Hasbro’s Humvee would sell easily IMHO.

Go Truck is experimenting with plastic now for a smaller project but they are finding out the hard way that it is rather expensive due to all the tooling required. The demise of retail brick and mortar toy stores has really killed the potential for things like the older Hasbros/21st. You need that store volume to cover the cost of the tooling and get pricing to be reasonable. 1/12 scale might bring some interesting possibilities for things outside of figures, although I would see price points there at $200+.

Stumbled across this:

Thanks for the intel Adam. I had stumbled on that page earlier when I began my inquiries and I’ve already talked to the owner. Luis is based in Madrid and is a very cool guy. His products have been highly recommended and though expensive they are top of the line as far as 3D printing is concerned. So that’s the DShK and the mount, now it’s down to the pickup. Next I’m scouting the local RC shops and of all places, Walmart…will keep you posted.

Are you aiming for sth like this?

This is closer to what I’d like to make:

1 year later, an Update:

I finally got the truck, which will be painted to look like the bottom picture. It’s red but dual cab. Put together and with expanded wheelbase: $85.

The original price for the unpainted Shapeways DShK from Holden8702 was less than $200. The newer prices are $426.64 (with AA sights) & $691.03 (regular sights…

At those prices, the project is not doable with a DShK.

Oh man, I’d love to see your truck.

Was hoping to recreate a real technical, but the DShK is way out of my budget…Will take pictures & post them once it is painted.

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