The Evacuation Team; Kitbash.

Based on the recent releases from Easy and Simple. Another Extraction Team member, kitbash style.

SFOD-D Body and head. Damtoys

E&S Fjallraven Pants E&S
Supreme T-Shirt, Soldier Story
Black shirt
Shoes and socks AOR2 camo ver, NSWDG, Damtoys
Sunglasses, E&S

JPC 2.0 Plate carrier, E&S

5.56mm Low-Visibility Assault Weapon(LVAW) E&S
14” Barrel 5.56mm 416 Assault Rifle with SMR Rail System E&S
G-17 9mm Pistol w RMR Mini Red Dot Sight, Gunclip Holster E&S

Foretrex 601 GPS, E&S
M-67 Frag Grenade with holder x2, E&S
Collapsable Baton, Soldier Story SWAT
Thigh - Leg Mounted Mission Panel, E&S
65FROG SF Personal Retention Lanyard, E&S
Radio E&S
Pens E&S

Still trying to figure out comms and a helmet with NVG set up. But his stylin doo makes fitting a helmet a bit of a task. I was trying to figure out what I would use this head and body for. Then the E&S series came out, and there it was.

The camera kept focusing on the pants, so there’s some odd blurring.


Looking good rhino and the two weapons great together. Mate i am also bashing a figure in the same colours green pants black top. Will post in a day or two. And again looks great rhino :+1:


The rifles and JPC 2.0 are all from the E&S 26040S figure. It’s nice looking gear. I should probably try and pick up the complete figure.

The loose bits I had been collecting just worked really well together. It wasn’t really a planned figure.