The Mystery of the Missing MRAD Color Option

Hey Scrib, thanks for the props, my friend. To be honest though, a lot of it is quite straight forward. To anyone who wants to take a crack at it, I would suggest to starting throwing some paint at cheap weapons to hone your skills before working up the courage to attempt something which is going to hurt more than your pride should you screw it up! That is how I got started and I certainly have a lot of crap that I ruined along the way.

Hey Wesker. Despite what Scrib might believe, I too would baulk at attempting to carry out serious mods or paintwork on something for which the starting stock would cost me $60-70+. Though I am always trying to get something to look just the way I want it, I too would probably not gamble that much in the hope that I was going to be able to recreate what I wanted to. Power to you if you give it a shot. If you do, please share your results. Good luck!

A fair point, I suppose. Maybe the extra piece of mind gained by using the two MRADs will be worth the extra $6.30. some 1/6 retailers have a 30% off on New Year’s Day, So I’ll wait until then to get both of the rifles, plus two E&S JPCs with internal radio pouches while I’m at it. Since I’ll be buying all of that that with Christmas money, it technically won’t count towards my actual Christmas list. This means that I can also get the gloves and radio from DAM 78065, which is supposed to be released around this time. Since I’d need to get trigger, gun gripping, and knife gripping hands for all of my figures, 7 pairs of gloves will be necessary, as one of them already has the gloves from the Dam Force recon figure. As for the plate carriers, I would need to paint those black.

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If the 23036R scope indeed can’t fit on the MRAD as you’ve described, is there a way to replicate its upper rail on the scope that comes with the boxed version of the rifle?

Yeah - if you can score a Nightforce scope from 26030A or B, it is the same model of scope as 26036R, but the scope rings are of the taller variety. Swap the lower half of the scope rings onto the 26036R scope and you should be good.

If you’re wanting to use the NF scope that comes with the MRAD sets (and other E&S figures, most recently GA1003), the body of the scope is the same mold, but the mount rings are of a different size. So just slapping the upper ring with rail on would look a bit off.

I don’t actually have the 26036R scope at the moment, and there haven’t been any available loose, as least as far as I can tell. But even if one was available, the fact that it wouldn’t be able to fit on the MRAD is a bit of a deal breaker for me. I might still get it anyways, but only for the Tac.50, where it would actually fit. But for the MRAD it would be easier and cheaper to just buy the scope from either of the 26030 figures, and just repaint that one black. Speaking of which, do you know if the MSR suppressor on the B variant could fit on the MRAD? It looks similar to the official Barrett MK22 suppressor, and it comes with a cover.

That’s what I was saying: the 26036R scope does not fit on rifles with a full-length rail as it has the short scope rings which do not allow the front of the scope to clear any rail other than a dedicated, short optic rail - see my reuse of that scope on an E&S Mk.14 and DAM M14 as an example.

The 26030A/B and MRAD sets use the same base scope mold but have taller scope rings and a one-piece mount, respectively. That is why you would have to remove the taller scope rings from the camo 26030 scope and donate them to the black 26036R scope. Or, yes, you could just paint the 26030 scope.

No, the MSR suppressor does not fit on the MRAD flash hider, the hider is slightly wide. You could sand/file it down if you wanted to.

The Tac. 50 that I refer to is from 26031, and as far as I can tell it has that dedicated optic rail that you mention. It uses the same scope as not only 26036R, but also the Boxed MRAD sets.

I don’t have that rifle, but I do have the similar Mk.15 from their boxed weapon sets, which uses the same scope as 26036R (albeit without the 12 o’clock accessory rail). So yes, an E&S Nightforce scope with the short rings would fit that rifle.