The netting on underwater soldiers

Hi guys, does anyone know about the net thing some underwater soldiers wear? I saw some real life picture of some special forces coming out of the water and they had a net thing on their heads. Any idea what they are called and why they are worn? I can’t find that pic anymore but have a fictional pic here.

Also is there anything cheap I can buy that can replicate it in 1/6? Thanks guys

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I think it is some kind of camoflague or better to break the outline / shape of the soldier. Like the net on the helmet of IDF soldiers. The net hides the face (the most recognisable part of a human body) and the drape of the net breaks the silhouette of the head and shoulders. In this case it also prevents eye-catching reflections from the divers’ wet face masks. The last picture shows very effective how it works.
Here are some real fotos from danish special forces with that netting:

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BTW: cool game ;-).


You can use the net from your last fruit purchase for example or everything which has a net material as packaging. Also the net scarf from the Dragon SAS Falkland Figures is perfect for this and it is green already.
I have uesd it for my Australian SAS Vietnam Figures.

Dragon SAS Scarf 1/6:

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Like a Mitznefet then!

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Thank you so much guys! Yes those are the pics I saw and couldn’t find anymore. And the suggestion for fruit netting is awesome.

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@Col.Braddock Your reference looks like Danish Jægerkorpset.


They look like the “sniper veil” scarves that were pretty popular before the Shemagh was encountered in arid region ops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa. Large but fairly light (when dry), of a relatively close net knit, I’ve seen them in dark green, dark green and brown camo, even a coarse, really ugly green (origin unsure).

Not only do they break up silhouettes, but usually they will cut the “glare” of a face beneath them - that being a real giveaway. The book BAT-21 includes some interesting points about them, downed navigator / EWO Iceal Hambleton had a version with him, in the jungle of Vietnam. He credited it with helping him evade pursuers, who were in close proximity.

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Thank you. Yea I found some mini nets online meant for indoor fish. Hopefully they work well. Most nets have gaps that are too big for 1/6.

WW2 Commonwealth snipers, wearing the scarves/veils.

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Nice. Thanks for posting this. :+1:

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Also German Special Forces use this type of camoflague.

and for our new Member swede_113 i have a member of swedish special forces with netting:


Man that last pic looks so badass.