The passing of a friend and fellow hobbyist


David Coates, who went by ActionMan on a number of forums, passed away a week ago, Sunday. He was a fine man, generous and kind. He leaves behind family and many friends.

The announcement:

“I am very sorry to have to report that David lost his fight against Cancer and passed away on May 2nd at hospital here in the UK. He and his family managed to get back to the UK on April 27th but it was just too later and his cancer was too advanced for treatment to be effective. His funeral took place on May 6th in his beloved Middlesborough, the city of his birth.”
_Pieter Schlegel



That is really unfortunate to hear. I recall seeing his post regarding his illness over at OSW what seems like only a short while ago. Even if it was only for a brief period it is good to see he made the journey home.


While I had never had any dealings with ActionMan, I always remember seeing his icon on OSW. This is a sad loss to the community that seems to be growing smaller. I wish his family all the best through this hard time.


It was a pretty tough week for old OSWers, as David was followed by Ron Escudero - USMCRon, on 10 May. Ron was a Marine veteran of Vietnam, and an accomplished artist in many mediums. Like David, he was affable, and keen on the 1:6 world.



I had heard about David’s health issues but did not realize he pass on. Nor did I know about Ron death too. Man…this is very sad news…


Yeah, tough times. Lucky we are thick-skinned. Welcome aboard, Dave.


I sent this to @Murakami already, but seems like a lot of people knew him and might be interested in this about his life and last days


Man… What I have to say I already think I know the answer to but why didn’t he ask for help on OSW… I would have contributed…now I feel lousy… Glad to see he made it back home to see his mother…

Thank you chpo for the article…


Maybe he was just too modest?

You’re very welcome!


He was a very self-reliant type, I ddin’t know about the funding drive until chpo posted it. David had posted that he wanted to sell his collection, but keeping comms with him was difficult, with him in the hospital, and shamefully, unable to get on OSW, due to the VS bumbling.
The whole thing was very quickly over (except perhaps David’s suffering, hopefully also swiftly passed), as such things too often are.