Theme Switcher Notes


Testing a theme switcher to switch between light/dark themes for the forum colors so forum users can choose what they prefer. You’ll notice a sun/moon icon in the top right of the screen. You can use that to toggle between them. You may find it gets stuck and doesn’t work due to a bug in the author’s code. A page refresh should fix this. You may find some text readability issues due to the colors as the forum software uses many different style sheet variables that control the font color. If you happen across any of them just drop a note here.


Working on some updates to the theme coloring.

  • Text input color on the dark theme has now been changed to white so you can see your text better in the post editor when composing a message.
  • Buttons for the post editor functions have been changed in color to make them more visible now.
  • Changed the top menu bar colors and added navigation features.

If you spot any other bugs let me know.


When can we create new release topics again?


I sort of fancy the dark theme. Nice to have some choices, thank you Adam.


I just realized right now that when I decrease the size of my window of the browser or am on my phone, I can’t access the search, account and third icon on the right hand side as soon the size of the page is decreased to an extend where it forces the links on the left hand side shop, blog and home to overlap the armed figures button. This is only happening on the home/starting page though.

Apparently inside a topic it only happens when I am at the beginning of a thread. Then the top right hand corner icons are unavailable. After scrolling down I can access them.


@AdamC Seems like you fixed it. Good improvement!


It’ll be a bit of a work in progress as they’ve changed some things with the latest updates which effect add on themes and components


From the various devices and browsers I have here it seems to be rendering ok now. I’d like to get that top menu bar to be stickied but it’s creating some layer issues that will need to be sorted.