Those days when you randomly find something you forgot you had

I had kept one of these guys boxed and then stumbled across a second partial one (minus the rifle) in a cabinet that I had forgotten about. Was just looking at prices for these (yikes) and it’s hard to believe this was DAM’s cheapest Russian at $129.99.

Wow, $130 is cheap. I skipped that one too. I usually just get the Spec Ops guys and not the normal grunts even though the VDV are an advanced unit.

I’m glad the AK-74M didn’t stay exclusive to this figure. We had a chance to grab more when Natalia was released and will have another chance when the AK sets come out later this year.

I know I’ll be picking up at least two more!

Funny how things have changed in a relatively short period of time price wise. With DAM picking more popular subjects for their last two weapon series hopefully those will see increased levels of success and spur them on to re-release some earlier weapons as well as some new ones. Standalone figure prices are getting to the point now where it might be more feasible for gear and clothing sets to be released separately as well. I’d rather pay a small premium on those than gambling the $400+ on the aftermarket. Fortunately I lucked out this time and had something I had forgotten about. At least it explains why I had a half complete vest, those pieces were in the other packaging tray I had unpacked when selling the rifle. :laughing:

This rifle was the most ridiculously priced rifle ever. Has no attachments at all. When it was re-released with Natalia, it got the “Phicen-bonus” and went for USD 60 at various places.

But if you were a savvy shopper, you could find it for around $25.

Though the molds are the same, I like the Natalia 74Ms more than the VDV 74Ms. The VDV ones had problems with barrels curving upward. I had to undo the handguard and barrel assemblies on a couple of mine and glue them on straight. The receiver covers on the early DAM 74s - FSB Alpha, VDV, Vympel - use paint that flakes off very easily. Even touching it with your finger can cause the paint to flake off and leave spots where the unpainted metal shows through.

The two Natalia 74Ms I picked up solved both of these issues. Let’s hope the quality control remains the same on the AK sets.

I got it from @AdamC at this price, just the Natalia one was usually high priced. Good find for USD25.

I think it’s quite hard to sell a figure loose with the same MRSP than others, but less parts, what female figures are usually come with.

Are these for any future projects too, like your M4s or do you keep them in your drawers without any attachments?

Where did he hide? It’s much better than finding EUR 5 in your pocket. This is what I usually find.

Your in stock items must be a lot :smile:

In a cabinet that I rarely look at the bottom shelf. Sometimes one thinks “I’ll just put this here for safekeeping” and then some time later it gets rediscovered like an archaeology find. :laughing:

Any plans?

I like the camo. Once thought about putting it on a B6 mannequin. These mannequins are a great addition to this hobby. Especially for this price!

It’s pretty much a complete figure so I’ll do a few minor changes to differentiate slightly from the other boxed figure then add a PKP or another AK74 and display it like that. Now I just need one of these to go with them. Not sure if this ever was released.

Here’s the breakdown/future plans for the AK-74Ms:

2 from Natalia:
-No attachments

3 from VDV:
-ELCAN Specter sight
-GP-25 & Kobra sight (this is the one with grip and stock detached. They will be donated to one of DAM’s upcoming black AK-105s)

2 from AK sets:
-1P63 sight
-GP-25 & 1P63 sight

The two new ones will go in the drawers with the rest of them, yes.

These plain rifles give you almost unlimited options. The 1P63 is very nice by the way. Good the AK sets come around, otherwise tracking some of the parts down would be a pain.

When North Batallion releases the Zenitco AKs, you will have a lot of fun, I guess.

This is the same vehicle I saw in the OSN Saturn preview. Wouldn’t it be a DAM production then?

I believe Taowan = DAM/DAM partners oem’d by Go Truck. What leads me to think that is that in prior expo shows DAM, Crazy Dummy, and Taowan were shown together as a group.

MD charged 859

There were preorders for it, but I have never actually seen one available. Taowan releases are often late so it is possible it is still coming out but even in China there are only a couple of random preorder listings.

I hope they still release it then. But you probably gonna need a whole squad of to go with it. More hidden Russian figures in your house? :blush: