Thoughts & Moan (E&S buddy body 2.0 & other issues)

Sorry all this is a rant, fully understand if you walk past

Firstly have to make it clear I love E&S figures, simply feel that “value for money v what you get” equation is spot on.

However, after buying 26038/26040B/26040A worried romance is hitting a rough patch or coming to an end. Reasons: Buddy body 2.0 currently has limited arm movement. Always measure a figure by how well you can get it into a shooting position. Rifle snug fit into shoulder, cheek resting on rifle butt etc. I cannot maneuver these figures arms into a solid firing position, rifle is always 2/3cm away from head. Have compared these model to older E&S figures I have (British & French SF). Noticed older models elbow areas are moulded to allow greater movement. U can almost push lower arm flush with upper arm. No way can i do this with 26038/26040B/26040A, elbow area design to allow minimum movement now. I have even removed T shirts on these figures to get greater movement, 20638B really bad, almost like its wearing a straight jacket. If any one from E&S reading this please look at going back to a more flexible moulded elbow area which allows greater freedom of movement. Think the reason for change is to give a more realistic look to the figure. Have same issue in 1/18 scale, I now have to get a hobby knife and cut away plastic so I can get arms to move more than 45 degrees…not ideal.

Solution? Most likely ask my supplier if in the future, he can set aside a figure with no box & body for me. I can then buy a Damtoy or Soldier Story figure.

Fitting issues. Had to get out the dreaded glue on headsets & cables going into radio. Tried double sided tape and blue tack. Just every time I handled the figure something would pop out or drop off, so frustrating. My 3m tape did not arrive, it was recommended on his forum, have used it a little on rifles, looking good, nice bonding and so slim (bough clear tape).
Wobbly arms. noticed this more on E&S figures. Arms seem loose, hope its not going to be an issue in the future.
Moulded hands Grip on rifles struggle to go deep into hand & stay in place, they move forward or pop out. The grip hands are not “gripping”. Trigger finger also seems to cause a problem, it seems to push rifle away from hand/stop it from getting a snug fit. Having to replace with other brands hands, not ideal. Hope I can re-use E&S hands on future kit bashes - but I would imagine same issues would occur unless maybe a non M4A1 based rifle may help?

The above is a shame because at the end of the day I have some very nice new additions to my collection.

NOTE: E&S 26038R S.A.D Special Operation Group Casual Version notice how he is holding the rifle away from him…this is what I take issue with…looks wrong.


I noticed this problem with my 26038B (my only figure) I’m having some problems obtaining a proper shooting position and with the hand of the figure that don’t grab properly the rifles


That’s because of the single jointed elbows. I hate that body for kitbashes, It’s good for shot sleeve kitbashes but at that point, you should use a phicen body if you can afford it.


I understand and share your views and disappointments.
The shoulder on my PSD Chief was totally floppy, like a paralyzed arm. Had to fix it in a way described in another thread, here. Also, the 2.0 body is still floppy in the torso and still tends to bend over, certainly so with my MARSOC Raider figure.
It’s kind of frustrating that you have to more or less buy a spare DAM body for every E&S figure, nowadays.
And like you, I really DO love E&S for the figures and gear they make! Maybe they should just go for sets w/o a body and at a lower price, then we could invest the cost difference into a solid body…

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From what I have seen across many of the 2.0 bodies that I have parted out they vary quite a bit in the tightness of the torso and the leg joints. The torso is usually one of two issues, the two screws on the lower back haven’t been tightened adequately during factory assembly (just need to nip them tight, don’t overtighten) or they have been overtightened and stripped one or both of the self tapped plastic threads. The legs are a conundrum as you can swap them between different ES bodies and they’ll fit tight on some and loose on others. Seems to be an issue with material shrink on the hip connection stems during production causing a tolerance variance.

The single jointed “muscle arms” vary a fair bit as well. They use an unconventional paddle setup which can result in floppy arms due to how it is implemented. Aside from the posing constraints (you can chop off part of the bicep to remedy, not ideal) the tight undershirts further restrict movement and cause the upper shoulder screws to loosen as you have to work the arm more than is otherwise needed. They work best without an undershirt.

The body style changes from release to release and they still use both the single and double jointed arms. The single jointed elbows make less sense for military figures for the reasons everyone has listed. Of the two styles I’ve had a higher rate of defective bodies of the single jointed arms. The feedback I have seen and received is very consistent, people would like to see the gloves, boots, and bodies upgraded or sold without.

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It’s annoying that some earlier figures like the DML-like Barrack Sergeant figures posed so well, years ago. The same with the old Soldier Story PLA transport driver figure, he exhibited great flexibility in a number of shooting positions.

I get it, it’s a business. Figures have made great leaps in detail and realism, but the bodies…
If you charted them, it might well look like hills and dales.

On the upside, the old fantasies we used to chat about have come to fruition, Height, girth,
skin tones. Still, some things require plastic surgery. While we meet loose or floppy bodies still, it seems we may have moved past the brittle plastic of early years.
Either less joints and limbs are breaking, or folks have decided they’re not worth mentioning.

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I’d have to agree on some of the older bodies. The Hot Toys military ones outside of a few notable models that had knee issues have held up very well over time. Have yet to have a single one that had loose joints, even old examples that had sat boxed for years in less than ideal conditions. Soldier Story is about the only (military themed) brand I still see issues with brittle bodies, mostly with the arm joints freezing up and breaking due to the plasticizer issues they have. Like joint consistency that is something that varies from individual example. Of all the parts I end up writing off and throwing out, bodies are by far the number one problem part.

I recently purchased a new Dam 3.5 body, which together with the headsculpt from the E&S 26040A figure would replace the ones I used for my CAG team leader bash, and have observed that the shoulders can’t seem to move as much as those on the DAM 2.0 and in one case 1.0 bodies that my current bashes use. I think it’s because the rubber upper body sleeve of the newer ones covers the shoulder joints more. The same would likely be true for the newer E&S bodies as well.

The 3.5 also appears to be much to small for the uniform I have for it (General’s Armory Secret Operative MC Black Version), however that may be as much due to the tailoring of E&S’s current crye uniforms. I would echo @dr_luniz’s sentiment that using Phicen bodies in lieu of regular single elbow joint figures, as I desire a very muscular body that still maintains an adequate degree of articulation.

The M35 body would satisfy this role perfectly with my DEVGRU machine gunner bash. Procuring similar such bodies for most of my other bashes would be an interesting idea, however they can’t be taller than my Director bash with it’s total height of 37.5cm. With a head the M35 would be 35 inches tall, which would be appropriate given it’s role as the team’s “big guy”. For the other figures, the 27cm m30 body would work, as it’s the same size as the Dam bodies. Plus they’re pretty muscular, which would be appropriate for a team of tier 1 operators. But of course, this would have to wait for when I have earned enough to buy all those bodies.

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