Thursday morning, in the land of the retired.

I’d checked the USPS tracking on a package, this morning. It had arrived just after 0830 (CT), which meant that it had missed the morning carrier run. I figured I could run up the street, and pick it up, but breakfast was on.
The door bell rang, and it was one of our postal personnel, making sure the package got to its destination, well-ahead of the “by 8PM” estimate.

There’s the package, along with a near-gone breakfast. X-Files on BBC America, in the background. A slice of what retirement is like. I enjoyed my working life, but I don’t really miss it too much.

Compliments to GWG, and the people who transported this. When I saw that it had begun processing in China, I expected a fairly long wait. It was here in a matter of five days, the routing to Chicago perhaps the factor. No period of incarceration in LA, and the Chicago to KCK leg was about 15-1/2 hrs.

Early X-Files seasons were great. Unfortunately I can hardly remember what was going on. Was still going to school back then.
For retirement I am not even half way. Let’s what age they gonna set it here in the future. My bets are on +70. Not dying in your bed, die on your job’s desk!

What’s in that box? Devtac Ronin?

Looks like they are drop shipping direct from ES to the US via EMS. They had kicked that idea around before. The US has an $800 duty/tax free import limit for individuals, so it makes sense for that market.

USD 800 per shipment or annual? :open_mouth:

Germany draws its line at USD 20 per shipment.

Per shipment. EU limits are terrible unfortunately.

Congrats Murakami. Seems like you got a nice little slice of heaven today.

Pretty jelly Murakami. Hope to be in your shoes one day. :+1:

5 years and counting for me, you should never wish your life away but I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congrats to you Mike! Hope you like it. Which figure is it? Retirement? Naw…LOL!

It’s the SAS CRW Assaulter. I couldn’t fight the impulse. Part of being retired, is a lot of spontaneous tasking, by others. Which is why I haven’t cracked the seal yet.
I pulled the pin at 62+, SWMBO was a banking bookkeeping officer, and green-lighted the extraction. Probably saved my life, and that of my immediate supervisor. Most of my working life was very physical, which can be good and bad.
I won’t get into the whole retirement age thing, that should be a matter of individual preference.