Tianyimei TYM036 Type 05 Weapon Set

Parts List:

05 micro red devil revision
Submachine gun x1
Magazine X3
Silencer x1
Detachable grip x1
Screen bracket x1
Thermal imaging monitor screens x1

Is this one a legit version of the original weapon?

Looks like a P90 foregrip.

I couldn’t find anything on it. Looks to be a QCW-05, with that odd, P90-looking, slide-on foregrip, and some rails. I think the add-on bits might be an attempt at improving the tactical qualities of the existing system. The rag holding on the cheek rest, is pretty field-expedient looking (aka, “jury-rigged”).

When I Googled “05 smg micro red devil revision”, I got a bunch of airsoft image hits, none based on the Type 05. Hopefully, this is not just that, being passed as an actual weapon.