Tier 1 equipment help

In cases where some of my figures have both pistol and rifle mag pouches on their belt, should I have the pistol pouches mounted next to the rifle one, or on top? The rifle ones are all HSGI TACOs, as are about half of the pistol ones. However I also have a half dozen LBT pistol pouches, which can’t really be mounted on the front of the rifle mag pouches. Alternatively I could replace them with Taco pistol pouches though. Plus, having the mag pouches next to each other doesn’t leave much if any room for grenade/flash bang pouches, or anything else I might want to put in between the IFAK and mags.

Now that I’ve basically talked myself into the answer, I may as well ask something else. Concerning my figures that use airsoft-style mesh masks over balaclavas, should I use the convertible ones I already got from the E&S 26035 figure, or go with dual-eyehole ones instead? Hopefully neither option would make wearing glasses over them difficult. And if I wanted a few of my figures to use chest rigs, should I simply place them over the JPC 2.0s, or attach the rig to the front with clips?

Mate, these are your kit bash figures so i suggest you do what work’s for you and be happy just doing that. :+1:

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