Tier 1 grip help

Lately I have been looking into handstops for my various guns, and apparently the Magpul XTM and MLOK handstops are each made of separate pieces, however the 1/6 versions come as single pieces. So would it be possible to cut off the front ends and leave just the handstop, as well as to move the mounting keys? On a similar note, how could I modify grips made for picatinny rails to directly mount to MLOK and/or LVAW handguards?

Provided that the rail attachments continue along the whole length, or at least under the handstop section, you could just cut them off with a sharp knife. If not, it would be very difficult to cut these off and reattach them to something as small as a handstop and still have them be removable. If you are really tied to that idea, you might just be better off gluing them on. As for modding them to fit MLOK rails, you will need to remove any rail attachment points and add some small pegs to fit into the MLOK slots. This will be hard to get right and will likely be very fragile if you can get it to work. You might run the risk of breaking them by attaching or removing them from the handguard. Whichever route you choose, good luck with it and be sure to share some pics.

Thank you for the advice. I’ve been considering the idea of cutting the attachment points off of some other accessories, then transplanting them onto the ones I prefer. Or maybe for the sake of stability, I could use metal pins or something like that. I’ve been considering doing that for my EMOD stock so it’s not so loose. But what size would I need to use? Going back to the lights for a second, how could I mount lights to the side of MLOK handguards (90 degrees from the top rail, specifically)? Would the mounds made for stock and Geissele HK416 rails suffice, or what?