Tier 1 helmet help

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I want the helmets for my various figures to be set up, and there are a few aspects that I’d like some help with.

  1. Given that all of them will be using GPNVG-18s, it makes sense to have them all use counterweights on the back of the helmet. Are there any existing ones that would be suitable, or should I try to make my own pouches that can contain both the battery pack and counterweights? In which case, how could I safely remove the side rails from the helmets?

  2. Should I put MOHOC cameras and M300 lights mounts on all the helmets, or just the ones with rail mounted Comtacs while the helmets with headsets worn underneath have contour cameras and Princeton tec switch lights on the side rails? If the MOHOCs are advised, should I replace the velcro on the bottom with a normal adhesive tape backing?

  3. Would it be possible to attach mesh face masks (like those from the 26035 figures) to the little tabs on the side rail?

  4. For figures that have neck gaiters or bandanas, would it be better to have the chin straps worn over or under them?

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I’d imagine that helmet cameras are mandatory on many operations nowadays and I believe Contour went out of business, so Mohoc may be the most accurate option.

ES helmet rails are often superglued in, removing will almost always require surgery, I’d say avoid it if possible. Not sure about other brands as I haven’t tried.

I’ve been intending to use the same helmets that come with the Very Cool helmet covers, which I believe are made by DAM.

Contour briefly went out of business between 2013-14. But they merged with Ion Cameras and kept the Contour name. They still make helmet cams.

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The DAM helmet rails are usually able to be removed. They just snap into place. As mentioned, the E&S rails are mostly glued but I have found some unglued. Not sure on Soldier Story.

Good to know. Are the screws at the rear of the DAM rails molded details, or can they actually be raised up? If so that would really increase my options concerning the battery and counterweight pouch. Mounting them under the rails is more of a back up option. On that note, would it be worth actually weighing them down? If so, what could I use? There are some pouches I might do that for, but only until I find things to fill them.