Tier 1 LPVO help

I have a few questions concerning my LPVOs that I’d like some input on

  1. I’d like to give all of my LPVOs (two Vortex 1-6s, an Schmidt &Bender 1-8 PM II, and either a S&B 3-20 or a second 1-8) lens caps on the rear and front ends, Which releases from E&S have scopes with removable lens caps that would fit on my scopes?

  2. How could I put miniature paper containing ballistic data on the inside of the rear lens cap for some of the scopes for my various sniper rifles?

3.What tool could I use to separate the rings on the mounts for the scopes?

  1. Would the S&B 1-8 fit into a mount made for the vortex 1-8, or should I use ones made for Nightforce 2.5-10 optics for those? And on a related note, would mounting a Wilcox RAPTAR be necessary on the S&B 1-8 for use on a DMR?

  2. Concerning the placement of offset red dots, should I put the mounts for them behind the optic mounts, or in front of them on the rail?

  3. As for raising the height of the optics, should I put them on standard picatinny risers or try commissioning custom 3D-printed versions of heightened mounts like the Unity Tactical ones? The latter option would also allow for the creation of red dot mounts that attach to the base of the main optic mount.