Tier 1 LVAW help

Would it be possible to put an AR-15 buffer tube on an E&S LVAW? Though their normal collapsible stock already looks good, it seems a shame that they won’t be able to make use of the good AR-15 platform stocks available in 1/6 scale. On an additional note, what size of rod should if I wanted to convert a normal MLOK accessory to work with the LVAW’s default handguard? Or should I try to source normal MLOK handgaurds instead? It’s kind of annoying how the top rail does go all the way to the end on the default.


have a look at this thread: DAMTOYS Extreme Zone Samurai Sakifuji Craig Review - #30 by Col.Braddock

The AR buffer tube can be used from the EBS001 with some modifications on the E&S MCX rifle. The folded stock on the LVAW cannot be removed without damaging something. I stopped trying. The stock is molded to the upper receiver. Only chance is to cut it off or use the E&S MCX rifle from the 26017 and 26017S.

Update: You can change the upper Receiver from the MCX, after you removed the
extendable stock like in the link, with the upper Receiver from the LVAW. They are interchangeable.

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I see. Since those earlier MCX are probably quite rare to source loose, maybe it’d be better to just wait for a new variant to come out.