Tier 1 Plate Carrier help 2

I am trying to plan how each of the JPC 2.0s belonging to the figures of my Tier 1 Black ops team, and there are a few things I’d like some input on.

Pictured above are two candidates for which IFAK pouch I will mount on the rear of the cummerbund. Which one should I select, based on aesthetic appeal as well as size? The intention of these is to be used by the team medic on the operator they belong to. This is so the medic doesn’t have to use their own medical supplies as often. Such pouches are included in conjunction with each operator’s LBT IFAKs that will be mounted to their battle belts.

  1. As some of my figures will have additional weapons that are likely to be mounted in the same area as the IFAKs (namely the breacher with a shotgun and whomever I give the m79 Pirate gun to), should I put the IFAK on the right or left hand cummerbunds?

Concerning the breacher, What would be the best way to mount the aforementioned shotgun, on the cummerbund or the belt? Pictured here is the setup for their NJPC, which I have switched for a JPC 2.0 (not the main one) on the figure as a placeholder.

  1. Again for the breacher, where should the detonation cord be stored? Currently I have it in a Crye MBTIR pouch on the right-hand cummerbund, but since I already have flashbang pouches and a shotgun shell pouch on the belt, as well as a 550D and suppressor pouch on the left-hand cummerbund, that leaves no room for the grenade pouches.

  2. For the Sniper, should I mount the pouch for their Tac 50 or MK22 mags on the front of their JPC 2.0/chest rig, or the side? And should I put grenade/flashbang pouches on the other side, or a pouch for their range finder?

  3. For the Machine gunner, Would it be possible to fit 2 SAW drum pouches on the front of a DAM JPC?

(Those last two questions are to help determine whether I need to get chest rigs or not)

Dude. Quick question.

Are you right or left handed?

Imagine you are each and everyone of your figures. Now try to figure out where will you put all your items so they are handy, especially under fire. On a personal stance I have my breacher shotgun on the opposite side of the main gun (HK416) and the firing device for the demo charges on the left side, leg pouch to avoid interfering with the sling.

That’s what I do and it’s always useful.

Cheers boy!


Just like jostovar said mate, imagine you are your figures and are you left or right handed and go from there. I think that is the easiest way to work out what should go where, that’s what I do and iam shore that’s what all the kitbashers do.so give that ago and good luck mate.

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I could be totaly wrong here, but would a sniper have flashbangs?

And why not? I mean, considering that they are regular guys tasked with precision firing, that doesn’t mean that they can’t bring everything they could eventually use to flee away. For example, I’m pretty sure some DEVGRU or even CAG snipers have two rifles, an SPR and another one for close quarters and even a sidearm.

So yes, they could bring flashbangs, frags and everything they need.


The Sniper at least is to use a “long gun” (MK22 or TAC50), and a 10’5 (11.5 if I can ever get my hands on the A5 versions) 416 as a backup CQB weapon for clearing potential nests from which to use the former, or for getting out of sticky situations, as you described. Though with it’s Razor 1-6 scope and RC-2, it can reach out to about 500-600m if needed. Currently they are equipped with an 14.5 version, but I’ll switch its accessories over to the 416A5 once I get one.

For the Designated Marksmen, they will get an M110 configured with a custom 3D printed KAC Mlok handguard (or an M110A1 as a stopgap until then, since I’m getting a set for the S&B 3-20X50). I’m aiming for a length of 16.5 in, though that would depend on how long the base rifle I plan to use will end up being (06006A FYI). It is the existence of this rifle that justifies giving the Sniper a shorter rifle, as it will be able go farther than any version of the 416 could, but still less than the long guns. At the same time the DMR will have an offset RMR, giving it versatility as a both a precision and CQB rifle. Though this means it’ll only get that DMR, that’s probably the case in real life anyways. Plus I think my suppressed M107 would look amazing when fully tricked out with a Wilcox RAPTAR-equipped scope and a PVS-27, so I may as well give it to my DM.

This rings true with Tier 1 units, in that their snipers (and by the same token, Designated Marksmen) go through standard assaulter training before going onto their specialized sniper courses. In fact outside of their weaponsplate carrier setups, and having wearing the top sections of Crye ghillie suits, my CAG-based Sniper and DM bashes don’t look much different from my others. Though I have been considering putting some ghillie netting over their helmets and gaiters over their feet. Should I, If the hood on the ghille seems like it can accommodate their heads with helmets and everything on?

Thanks for the clarification, its just that I understood flashbangs to be more useful in confined spacesas in room clearing whereas smoke grenades would be more useful to aid a sniper in escape.
However I stand corrected and thanks again for the info.