Tier 1 PSD help

I have a few questions regarding gear choices for my PSD figures that I’d like some input on.

  1. If both of them will be using jackets, should I go for the padded belts from the E&S SF sniper figures, or use the thinner ones from the SAD low profile figure and modify them to have padded inner belts?

  2. Are there any tactical goggles that can be worn under PVS-31s I could use, or should I just go with the silver and red Juliet glasses I already got for them.

  3. Are the Minitimes STT plate carriers from their SWAT figure worthwhile, or should I hold out for E&S strandhöggs or some other laser cut PCs?

  4. For the pants, should I go with the Crye ones from the MSE Juggernaut figure, or use the DAM Titans PMC pants and add Arc’teryx kneepads? The bodies will be Phicen M35s/34s, so they’d need to be rather large.

  5. I am frankly at a loss for what shoes to use. My main Tier 1 team uses or will be using Zephyrs and Salomon Quest 4Ds, so I’d like to use different ones. Since the PSD ones are loosely based on SS CAT members, maybe I could try sourcing more urban ones like speed cross or even defcon Vans?

  6. How can I replicate an anodized silver (and by extension, black) paint job for their two toned SR-16s and P320 X5s? And for the X5s, should I paint the magwells silver along with the slides or leave them black?

  7. Should I try putting regular P320 slides onto the X5 frames in order to install 3D printed comps or even integrated suppressors like the one Sig filed a patent for several years ago, or keep them intact?

  8. What sort of face coverings should I use for them?

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Hey weskerfan. I don’t understand all your questions. Apparently you are not orienting yourself to reference images of real operators. So your figures are a kind of fantasy kitbashes. So do what YOU like best! You have to like the figures, not the others. That’s just my opinion!


Hey mate i think your looking into this to heavy buddy. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like your putting a of pressure on your self mate. Iike i have said to before just do what work’s for you and enjoy and be happy. People will appreciate the work and effort that you put in to your bashs mate and Rock on :+1:

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With kit bashes its all a matter of your own personal preferences. If you’re shooting for accuracy, I would just do some google image searches for what you’re trying to build. Also devtsix is a good site for references. Check it out.

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I mentioned the CAT teams only in regards to what it would make sense for ones working in the same role as them to use. Since they primarily operate in urban environments, they wouldn’t really need the rugged hiking shoes intended for more austere environments like standard SOF would. That means that I could go for something more agile, like those shoes I mentioned. My other questions pertaining to the plate carrier and guns are practical in nature. I do want to know how to do anodized paint jobs for these figures as well as the Wilcox risers for my main team’s guns. I do want to know if the Minitimes PCs are of high enough quality to be worth using if only as placeholders.

haven’t tried it but here you go. I found this on the youtubes. good luck.

Thanks, another reason why I need to get an airbrush setup. I had previously made a post concerning the figures, where I said I would make them more futuristic with armor over the plate carrier, wrists, shins, and shoulders, Devtac Ronin helmets or something else in that vein, and overcoats. But for lack of any of that, I’ve moved over to my current trajectory. Recently though, JackalX has announced some figures with those sorts of things. Maybe my earlier plan’s aren’t entirely dead after all?