Tier 1 Shotgun help

Should I have my Breacher use a short version of the 870, or a longer shotgun that has a stock? Should I put extra shells in some sort of holster attached to the side, or in a separate pouch?

Mate I think a short version shotgun is the go and some kind shotgun shell holster so you can see the shells. Iam shore e/s have made one


If I should get the short one then, would it be worth putting a spare aimpoint on it? And should I put it on a single-point swing with a weapon catch on the belt, or with just the weapon cache on the rear of the cummerbund?

Yeah mate I don’t think it would need a aimpoint being a shorty for breaching. And for your 2nd Q try both and see what looks and works the best for you and the figure. :+1:

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