Tier 1 Tomahawk help

For more or less the past decade, Tomahawks have been quite prevalent with Tier 1 units, whether for their role as a melee weapon, or as a versatile tool capable of fulfilling various uses. As such, it makes sense for me to procure a some of various makes and models for some of the 12 operators in the tier 1 squad I’m in the process of building. The one in question is the RMJ Tactical Berserker, which befitting its design will be given to my Viking themed DEVGRU machine gunner figure. I already have 2 of those already, however its sheath has proven to be an issue. It was made to retain to MOLLE webbing, thus it included two straps for that purpose, which had a tendency to fray into an unusable state, thus the need to purchase a second one. My question is what should I do, if my intention is to put the sheath on the figure’s battle belt? Should I replace the straps on my current one, thread sufficiently thin elastic cord through the holes around the sheath’s perimeter and attach it that way, or get a new copy of the berserker altogether and just find a way to stop the ends of the straps from fraying?

I’ve also seen a few custom versions of the berserker made out of real metal and wood, though I will have to measure the plastic one I already have and compare their sizes. If they do match, should I go for it?