Timeline of US Forces (Damtoys)

Need your help
As you are specialists in US Forces units / equipment / weapons, I would like you to give me the activity date of the Damtoys figure supposed to be represented (example 1985 or 1997) … I can’t quite put this date precisely … and I think it can be useful to everyone.

I leave here the list and the photo of each figure, thank you all for your participation :blush:

78008 - navy seal sdv team 1 - operation red wings
78009 - 1st sfod-d
78011 - operation neptune spear
78012 - devgru operation neptune spear
78041 - pmsc’s in syria
78040 - devru k9 afghanistan
78045 - seal team 5 vbss
78049 - nswdg afghanistan
78050 - navy officer
78051 - naval mountain special forces
78057 - green beret afghanistan
78063 - dea srt
78065 - nswdg group aor1
78069 - navy seal sdv team 1
78072 - nswdg aor v2
78074 - 1st sfod-d
78077 - 1st sfod-d
78081 - sdv team 1 radio

78057 - green beret afghanistan

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Hello and thanjs for opening this thread? I have all the currently available DEVGRU figures from DAM, up to the K9-handler in A’stan and I plan in building a Team around the two Geronino figured that is accurate for the time of Operation Neptune Spear, so I too am eager for a timeline of these figures. The K9 should be a morr recent figure, the new AOR1 NSW figure, too, if I am not mistaken. For my team, I plan to add the “Raid” figure from E&S as well as the old Toys City JSOC with K9, although that one will need serious updating. Basically, are those figures all more or less accurate time-wise for a “ZDT” based theme?
Hope all you experts can bring some enlightnment.

One more question: when did CAG and DEVGRU begin to use the M320 grenade launcher as a stand-alone? It can be seen in some of these figures.

It entered service in 2009 IIRC. No info on when CAG specifically started using them, however.

This is not final, I invite others with more knowledge to weigh in on this as well.

  • 78008 - navy seal sdv team 1 - operation red wings - June 2005

  • 78009 - 1st sfod-d - 2006-2011 (?). This is the date range I’m getting for the Tom Spooner pics with CAG operators in MARPAT/AOR1, but there are older pics of CAG in these patterns. I’d probably lean closer to 2009+.

  • 78011 - operation neptune spear - May 2011. (UBL Raid)

  • 78012 - devgru operation neptune spear - May 2011. (See above)

  • 78041 - pmsc’s in syria - 2016 (when the figure was announced). This is when a number of pics of OGA in Tiger Stripe/other interesting camos pictures came out from Syria IIRC.

  • 78040 - devru k9 afghanistan - 2009-2015 (???). This one is tricky, but the slick LBT plate carrier points to this time frame, for me at least. I don’t think that PC and chest rig combination is still in use - JPCs, S&S PCs, and AVS’s seem to be the more current option. I’m not sure about the rifle, that may be useful for narrowing it down a bit more as well.

  • 78045 - seal team 5 vbss - 1991 (?). That was the most common date I got for IRL pictures of 1990s VBSS SEALs.

  • 78049 - nswdg afghanistan - May 2013, according to image tags of the IRL operator on Flickr

  • 78050 - navy officer - 2014-2018. I’m putting this date range because that’s when “The Last Ship” aired. I’m not sure if that weird black PC was ever used by the USN, I believe it’s more of a paintball/budget airsoft rig. The black helmet and bloused bunny-suit pants (???) give this an older feel. I think it’s a bit of a Hollywood mess.

  • 78051 - naval mountain special forces - 2015-present (?). Again, this one may be from “The Last Ship.” As far as I’m aware, that type of NWU Type 2 uniform has been issued for the last 10 years. FAST helmet doesn’t really help either, and the HK416 is a weird choice for what I assume is a non-NSW (or non NSWDG at least) sailor. The PC is odd too - I think it’s another weird knock-off LBT 6094 (which would have been accurate). I love this figure but it’s a bit of a mess.

  • 78057 - green beret afghanistan - 2001-2002.

  • 78063 - dea srt - 2019-present. Hard to tell with this one as it’s largely based on a character from the movie “Sabotage” IIRC, but the Crye GEN 4 uniform makes this one very recent - I think that pattern was introduced in 2019. I think the Tyr Pico PC has been produced for at least the last 5+ years in that iteration.

  • 78065 - nswdg group aor1 - 2016-present (???). I’m not sure about this one. Current NSWDG pics show a lot more Multicam, especially on uniforms and PCs. Helmets are often AOR1. I think the rifle is wrong (?), although I may be out of date on that one. This one is meant to be up to date but it’s hard to tell as it doesn’t really represent any actual reference material I’ve seen. The belt kit seems way too cluttered.

  • 78069 - navy seal sdv team 1 - June 2005

  • 78072 - nswdg aor v2 - 2016-present (???). This one is hard to tell as the kit points to a “Vanilla” SEAL (PVS-31, LBT 6094, AOR2 kit) but the rifle points to NSWDG. The PC is definitely on the older side.

  • 78074 - 1st sfod-d - 2006-2007. The picture of a CAG-attached Green Beret with the Ultimax LMG is from within this time frame IIRC.

  • 78077 - 1st sfod-d - 2006-2011 (???). I’ve seen pictures of CAG in those Crye DCUs from all over the place. Hard to tell, for me at least. I think this one was based off of a character from “Death Stranding”.

  • 78081 - sdv team 1 radio - June 2005


Already a huge job done … thank you very much really :smiley: :smiley:

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No worries, hope it helps!

…well done! thx a lot:-)
timelines are nearly what i was thinking, too!

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I add those there … and it seems to me that it is good for the Us forces (I will check anyway :yum:)…

78010 us army 75 ranger saw gunner
78055 Marine Force Recon Combat Diver Woodland
78056 78056 Marine Force Recon Combat Diver Desert Camo Edition

78010 us army 75 ranger saw gunner

Thanks a lot! So the 78040 DEVGRU K9 could well be put

Sorry, my mobile apparently chopped off my text! What I wanted to say or ask was, that apparently the 78040 DEVGRU K9 could be used in a UBL raid setting, as far as equipment goes, except probably for the rifle, which seems to be more recent. Is that about right?

I think so - the uniform, helmet and dog would probably be appropriate. Although I’ve only really seen LBT 6094s in reference pictures from Neptune Spear, the slick LBT PC + chest rig combo would probably work. Again, not an expert on that subject.

78010 us army 75 ranger saw gunner - Roughly 2007-2009. UCP started getting issued in '05, '06 (IIRC). Multicam started getting worn by Rangers on tour in '09. If you want precision, I’d guess 2008. Also, the Hot Toys “Ranger Gunner” figure - which inspired several VHT figures, and probably this one as well - was released in 2008. This outfit - with the UCP pants + PCU jacket and RLCS (?) load bearing kit - was sort of the archetypal Ranger “look” from that pre-Multicam era.

78055 Marine Force Recon Combat Diver Woodland - 2012 - present (???). The M27 IAR was fielded in limited numbers beginning in 2010 or 2011. That AN/PVS-24 optic looks fairly new, but I haven’t been able to figure out when it was first produced. According to its user manual, the CSAV (swimmer’s vest) has been around since 2012. As for the rest of the frogman kit, I have no idea.

78056 Marine Force Recon Combat Diver Desert Camo Edition - 2012 - present. See above

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Thanks again! I might change the PC to a LBT 6094, have lots of those around, anyway. Also the rifle.

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Boy, I miss a lot of the cool figures during my hiatus esp. the Ranger, Marine divers, DEA SRT and Green Beret. I wish they’d remake them later esp. the Ranger.