Training Weapons - Yay or Nay?

With the latest Easy Simple sneak peak, the recent Soldiery Story CTRU figure, and figures prior to those I’ve seen and heard a fair number of complaints from collectors and buyers alike. I thought I would get a poll on people’s thoughts on the subject.

  • I dislike training style weapons
  • I like training style weapons
  • I don’t mind training weapons as long as there are no permanent training colors on the weapon and any training accessories can be easily removed

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Playhouse did a VBSS figure that came with a blue training m4 and m9, and also regular versions. That would be the best solution. Or make the training version a special edition in lower numbers like they did with their HRT figure.


Two edged sword as it’s a nice having the variety with 78016 and 26014B, but bothers me with the SS116 as this one can’t be converted completely without a paint job.


I think the first one I ever saw was the Hot Toys Marine with the Simunition gun. But it didn’t have a substitute or removable bits. And it sold like hotcakes even with all the complaints.

The point is irrelevant really with the loose market being what it is. Just get a weapon without the training gear.

I personally think they are refreshing updates, and we only seem to see them every 4-5 years on a release. It’s not like every other figure has them.


Those HT M4s were quite unique in that they were the only rifles which came with the futuritic looking Magpul M93 stock. I picked up a couple to cannibalise the stocks for other builds. Presently looking for another at a reasonable price for a planned tactical shotgun build. I also have a few ideas for the HT and SS simulation mags… but more on that one later.

The Damtoys 78016 was really good. Especially the cool Scott face protection mask.
Very rarely in the meantime. The M4 with the separate LMT rear back-up sight and the see-through simunition magazines were great too. The M4 could be used as normal rifle if you change the blue barrel.
Otherwise i am not a fan of those training weapons. Especially the complete blue ones from Playhouse.
The red marking on the SS116 SIG fortunately can be removed. So you have a normal rifle if you remove the blank firing barrel adapter too.

I really like the training weapons, since they are something different. The Playhouse VBSS was a great example because you could choose either set of weapons… although the red and blue rifles were the rubber training type they use for swim/jump/etc. training and not the kind that shoot anything.

The DAM Coast Guard figure is one of my favorites, but I always wondered if it was realistic to mix Simunition (in the rifle) with live rounds (in the pistol). It wasn’t a deal breaker when I was buying it, but I always wondered if they actually do that. It doesn’t seem safe.

I think too it is not allowed in training to use or mix ammunition. The Figure is great but i also have never understand why they add a normal pistol. That is a advantage by Playhouse if you are intetested in training weapons.


Indeed. I guess the best solution is to include both type of weapons like PH.

I regret now that I was not able to buy that VBSS figure, the rappeling harness is a masterpiece. Never saw it again in production.

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