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I now open a new post on Trickyman minifigures.
This is a brand that was created by Ben Zheung in 2017.
He was the main collaborator of the brand Soldier Story, and those who collect the figures 1/6
can see dedicas on the boxes of the exclusive figures of the different shows that the brand has published.
The range consists of characters at the scale 1/15 (ie approx 12cm).
The figures are articulated and have many accessories.
To date there are 6 commercialized figures.

Références are :

TM001 Seal Team 6 Squad Leader
TM002 Seal Team 6 Gunner
TM003 Seal Team 6 Point Man
TM004 Pilot 160th SOAR
TM004 Sootang Hobby (Special Edition) Pilot 160th SOAR
TM005 Seal Team 6 Sniper

An interesting point about these minifigures is the helmet that has the
lighting function with a LED system.

I publish here some photos that I made, and if it interests you I can make
reviews of the various characters. :wink:!


I still don’t understand the bobblead thing, but they do look well done. Did you ever see the lego style figure prototypes he made with Soldier Story?



Yes I had already seen these minifigures lego style, but just those same photos. I have never seen other photos, including Instagram or other forums … I do not even know if these figures have been sold. Can be a really limited product and reserved for the Chinese market (because of the Lego license) :wink:


Lego’s patents are expired so it doesn’t really matter any more. In this case they only made prototypes and never went into production. Based on Ben’s interests and the sort of products he has been developing I would guess this was his project and his desire to do things outside of 1/6 was maybe a factor in his leaving. For the international market minifigs would have been better received I think as there is a strong minifig market outside of China, especially in the US market. Even better would be 1/18th scale, but one OEM factory is pushing 1/12 really hard these days but I find that product badly overpriced.


I share your opinion that the figures coming to the market are quite expensive for a small format. But, knowing that the price trend is increasing, even more on the 1/6 format, some buyers may continue to collect on the format 1/12, especially if the range is expanding …


I think the price point will play a factor, but they are also playing some games with the 1/12 pricing, it went up over 30% in less than 6 months. All the brands (COO, DAM, Crazyfigure) are basically DAM brands at this point, different branding to make the market look larger than it is. With retailers trying to get the same price point for loose parts as 1/6 scale it might be a bit tough. It definitely has a better chance of succeeding than the same OEM’s 1/4 experiment that has been a total failure.

For me the more interesting possibilities that will legitimize 1/12 scale is if we start seeing some vehicles produced in this scale or more diorama components. With the possibility of helicopters, MRAPs, different scenes etc then a smaller scale starts to make sense as you can build a larger diorama scene in the same space 1/6 takes up. If it is just going to be DAM releasing their same personal interest figures (old hollywood war movies ie Platoon, Blackhawk Down, Ancient History figures, etc) it is less interesting.

It really reminds me of the 1/24 scale in diecast cars. It’s stuck right in the middle where it offers more detail than 1/43 but not enough compared to 1/18. The problem with the smaller scales is you really need to sell a lot of them to make the costs of distributing them overseas make sense. Their ideal market will probably end up being movie figures in this scale. A $100 1/12 scale movie figure makes sense. A $100 1/12 military figure is just taking the piss.


I can see where these aren’t everyone’s poison of choice. But they have that Boom Beach vibe to them. Also, they got me thinking … what ever happened to the 1/18 scale figures that SS previewed a few years back?


I think Ben was the big push behind all the stuff outside of 1/6. They recently announced their entry into the 1/12 cash grab race but everything else like the lego minifigs and 1/18 hasn’t really been highlighted in quite some time. The 1/18 seemed related to their exosuit 1/6 figure, which did reappear at last year’s tradeshows so perhaps they will see the light of day. For now they seem to have lost their creative direction and seem to be distracted with trying to get a piece of the movie market. Even the 1/12 direction is pretty uninspired. For the life of me I’ll never figure out why every military figure company seems intent on recreating the Hot Toys catalog.


There is so much possibility of original creations of military figures, I think that those who choose the projects are not too inspired … certainly there is always the risk that a figure does not sell well … it also happens sometimes that on a forum, a brand asks the fans what is the project that will make them happy, but it is quite rare …
to return to Trickyman, they have just announced the release (March 2019) a version MARSOC HALO JUMPER ( TM008)




They look nice and if Ben is happy with that and his new products all is fine. I think these Figures are for a very special target group. If they had the same detail and real clothes like their 1/6 brothers it would be an very interesting alternative.


Indeed they are for a very niche market but one that appears to be there.