Trying to make better poses with a Black Ops figure

Just a basic blackops type figure. A Paul Walker body and head. All black crye bdu. Instead of a full balaclava I cut it to make it more of a neck gaiter. The basics, except that I added a sawed of double barrel shotgun Instead of a pump action or semi tactical that someone would normally carry. I really just wanted to work on my posing skills. I would really like to be as creative as I can, compared to many of you who post regularly.


Great bash there markie, I think you need to make the rope look tighter as if there is weight on it from him pulling himself up. Good job mate

Great looking bash there. Keep’em coming!

I was looking for something to hang the rope from that would be out of the picture but I couldn’t think of a single thing. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

You could try wrapping the rope around a stiff wire, then coiling it on the ground, ( to form a steady base) as if the excess has pooled on contact, then standing the remainder upwards ?