Спецназ ФСБ Альфа (TsSN FSB Alfa) 2020 (Multicam Ver.)

Back with more Russian subject matter. Surprise surprise. With this one I’m looking for a completely up to date Alpha officer, similar-looking to Western SOF but with a distinctly Russian character.


  • Boots: Salomon Speedcross, black (DAM)
  • Uniform: Crye GEN 3 (no kneepads), MC (DAM)
  • Patches: FSB Hi-Vis, Russian flag (full colour) (DAM)
  • IFF: Orange IRT armband (DAM)
  • Gloves: SKDTac Pig FDT Alpha, Black (DAM)
  • Face covering: Tan neck gaiter, tan (SS)
  • Eye pro: Revision BEWs (ES)

1st Line

  • Belt: SRVV gunfighter belt, MOLLE, ATACS (DAM. ?)
  • Multitool: Tac Tailor Pistol mag/GP pouch, MC (SS)
  • Frag: SRVV grenade pouch, MC (DAM)
  • Dump: Eagle dump pouch, MC (DAM)
  • Radio & mag: 2x HSGI Tacos, MC (DAM)
  • Knife: Gerber LMF II, tan (DAM. ?)


  • Bucket: Ops-Core High-cut (or Russian knockoff) w/ NVG mount, black (SS + custom)
  • NODs: AN/PVS-14 monocular, black (PH)
  • Light: Princeton Tec Charge Pro MPLS, tan (DAM)
  • Camera: Contour Pro HD, black (DAM)
  • Strobe: Adventure Lights VIP Beacon, black (SS)
  • Patch: Spetsnaz Rune (DAM)
  • Comms: PELTOR Comtac, OD (DAM)

2nd Line

  • PC: Crye AVS plate bags, Mayflower APC c-bund, JPC 2.0 front flap (DAM)
  • SMG mags: 3x HSGI Taco, MC (ES)
  • Pistol mags: 2x HSGI Pistol Taco, MC (ES)
  • Frag: SRVV Grenade Pouch, MC (DAM)
  • Gas Mask: SRVV CBRN pouch, MC (DAM)
  • Radio: VX, black/camo (DAM. ?)


  • Pistol: Glock 17 Gen 3, black (ES)
  • Light: Surefire XC1, black (DAM. ?)
  • Mag: Glock 33rd mag, black (ES)
  • Holster: Crye Gunclip, tan (SS)


  • SMG: Izhmash PP-19-01 Vityaz, factory stock, Zenitco furniture, black (DAM)
  • PEQ: LA-5, camo (DAM)
  • Light: unknown, black (DAM)
  • Optic: Aimpoint T1, low-rise mount, black (ES + custom)

General Reference


Love it, keep these coming! I really like the unique NODS, is it from the SS French special forces release?

Glad you like! I actually have no idea, I think it’s built from PH, SS, and DAM pieces.

Another winner Canuck. Really slick bash. Nice ref pics too.

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A really top notch figure, as well as a splendidly natural pose about him.
It’s interesting to remember a few years back, discussing the dearth of NODs for Russian troops.

Thanks guys. Yeah, the NOD situation is interesting in recent pics - I could have sworn one of them has PVS-21s in a new pic, but for most it still looks like older-gen kit.