U.S Pilots

Different figures of modern pilots … (Instagram source: Lan Tran) very beautiful photos … and I hope that soon Damtoys (or other) will release us a pilot (maybe in the “Russian” series) :slightly_smiling_face:



Well done!

Maybe this helps for bashing options.


Pilots in general not being in my lane, if DAM did a Russian aviator, I’d like a helo gunship pilot.
A decent bonedome, coveralls and boots, along with a sidearm, grenades and carbine.

Given the nature of their occupation, they can expect little mercy from the locals, if they are forced down. Other than wingmen, immediate CAS and rescue assets are not guaranteed.

Space and Aviation themed figures are my main interest, as far as “real types” go.

I would love to see some modern types released by the likes of DAMTOYS and Soldier Story, for example. Perhaps with “Top Gun: Maverick” releasing later this year, we may see some new Naval Aviators, at the very least.

I think the last ones we’ve gotten have been the 160th SOAR, US Army Pilot/Aircrew and SR-71 trio of figures. That is not taking into account the several Luftwaffe, RAF and USAAF figures from WWII.