U.S. Special Forces Urban Operator

Just recently finished this guy up after working on him on and off over for the past couple of months. More of a simple figure that uses a lot of gear from the recent Lone Rescuer release, but definitely a fun project! This was my first true foray into bashing, and there was definitely a learning curve in pretty much all aspects of the construction, from figuring out the best places to source parts, to putting the pants on (if you can believe that). As you can probably tell, this figure represents more of a synthesis of parts I thought were cool rather than a nod to a realistic loadout or unit, but I hope to use the skills I learned in making him to create more accurate bashes in the future.

Complete parts breakdown:

Headsculpt and body - DAM

FAST Helmet - E&S
Headset - DAM
HD Helmet Cam - DAM
MPLS light - DAM
Goggles - SS
Balaclava - DAM

White undershirt - E&S
OD Shirt - DAM
Boxers - SuperMC
Jeans - DAM
Leather-like belt - DAM
Socks - SuperMC
Boots - Super MC
Gloves - DAM

Tactical gear
Vest/pack - E&S
Hard plate - BBI
Padded tactical belt - DAM
Grenade pouch - E&S
Flash pouch - E&S
Mag pouches - E&S
Mag dump - E&S
Smartphone case/admin pouch - E&S
Holster - E&S
Tourniquet - DAM
Personal retention lanyard - E&S
PRC-148 - DAM
Bolt cutters - DAM
Multi-tool - DAM
Flex cuffs - E&S
Glow stick - E&S

SIG MCX w/ sling and four extra mags - E&S
G17 w/ one extra mag - E&S
Knife - DAM
Flashbangs and grenade - E&S

Misc. accessories
Black and blue ballpoint pens - DAM
Watch - DAM
Bracelet - DAM
Nike wristband - SuperMC
Keys - DAM
Carabiners - DAM
Cash - DAM
IPhone - DAM
Water bottle - SS
Patches - various manufactures

Thanks for looking.