Ujindou UD9007 TsSN FSB Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis

Parts List:

1x Head Sculpt
1x Body
3X Hatch Tactical Gloves
1X SRVV Fleece Jacket
1X SSO Combat Pants
1X REDUT Armor Vest
1X REDUT Neck Protection
1X SRVV V1 Chest Rig
1X SSO PM Makarov Holster
1X Rifle Sling
1X AK Mag Pouch
1X PMK Gas Mask Pouch
1X Face Mask
1X Leather Belt
1X White Armband
1X PSH-77 TIG Helmet
1X HX290 Radio
1X Radio Cord
1X VSS Vintorez Rifle
1X PSO-1 Scope
1X 20rd VSS Mag
1X 10rd VSS Mag
1X Makarov Pistol
1X Pistol Mag
1X PG 431 Signal Flare (RSP)
1X Faradei 671 Tactical Boots


Interesting topic, but quality looks very average. Maybe, replacing the weapons and helmet by DAM counterparts will do the trick as the cloth parts look promising. Only issue might be the VSS, with noting better on the market quality wise.

One political thing though, Sheva is Ukranian.

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When I used to do grain sampling for the State of Kansas, I crossed paths at one grain elevator, with an Ex-Pat Hungarian tech. He’d smile at our too-often adversarial activities, and express himself in a way that reflects my financial reaction to this one:
“Sonovvvdabich, hey you turkeys, vot is this?”


Love it, from the LES woodland pattern rig and Redut armor, to the dedicated Makarov holster, to the Vintorez rifle. Absolute buy for me, as well as endlessly useful for bashing classic “modern” Russian figures. Really hope they release some other units from the Dubrovka theatre siege, including a PKM gunner.

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Agreed, it looks like a good representation. Even the boots are spot-on. And I have a feeling that the Korean M81 (?) Redut vest is going to be a very sought after item.

nice boots… :blush:

Definitely a good parts buy. Interested in the LES woodland pattern rig and Redut armor as well as thet Vintorez rifle. I’m more incline to buy molded boots for hiking style ones, to me some attempts at the cloth hiking boots look bulky and out of scale.