Ukrainian/Donbas war kitbash

Hi there guys. I’m in the process of completing a kitbash based on this character: Arsen Pavlov “Motorola”, an Ukrainian separatist who led a unit called Sparta battalion in the war in Donbas. I have put pretty much everything together but the rifle. I’m not sure if it has been made in 1:6, and need suggestions as to how to put a similar one together. Your help will be much appreciated.

If that is an AK74, then all available by DAM except for the wooden handguard and muzzle device.

Rifle: 78018
Muzzle and sight: 78066
Mag: 78028

Only problem with 78018 it’s a bit silverish. Alternatively, use 78019, 78035 or EF010 and add stock from VM-018 or EF006/EF008.