Ukrainian/Donbas war kitbash

Hi there guys. I’m in the process of completing a kitbash based on this character: Arsen Pavlov “Motorola”, an Ukrainian separatist who led a unit called Sparta battalion in the war in Donbas. I have put pretty much everything together but the rifle. I’m not sure if it has been made in 1:6, and need suggestions as to how to put a similar one together. Your help will be much appreciated.

If that is an AK74, then all available by DAM except for the wooden handguard and muzzle device.

Rifle: 78018
Muzzle and sight: 78066
Mag: 78028

Only problem with 78018 it’s a bit silverish. Alternatively, use 78019, 78035 or EF010 and add stock from VM-018 or EF006/EF008.

I can’t believe this was posted already in Feb 18, but I went ahead and created that rifle as closely as possible.

How are you in the process Angel @PitViper?

@chpo: Good to hear from you Christoph! You really got it. I tried to put it together myself following your suggestions, but I couldn’t. Some of the pieces I couldn’t locate while others were just out of reach budget-wise. But you did it!! Maybe you’d consider selling it… :grin: :grin: :grin:

But it’s not perfectly accurate. Maybe get the base rifle with the triangle stock and just paint the handguard in the required color. AK74 with black handguard is pretty common from DAM. Then you should be fine!
His grip might be black as well.