Ukrainian Naval Spetsnaz (801 Combat Diver Det.), Odessa 2018

Here’s the 4th figure I just finished up recently, and one that’s been bothering me for quite awhile now.

Subordinated directly to Ukrainian Naval Forces Command in Odessa, Ukraine, the 801st Combat Divers Detachment is one of the nation’s top-tier SOF units. Seemingly similar in capabilities to the US Navy SEALs (often seen conducting VBSS and swims in photosets), the 801st Det. use a unique mixture of Eastern and Western kit. Although I know very little about this unit, they tend to show off their latest kit acquisitions on their instagram account: 𝟾𝟶𝟷 𝙽𝙰𝚅𝚈 (@801_navy) • Instagram photos and videos. Almost every “fact” I know about this unit is based off of assumptions and guesses, and reference from this instagram account.

I’ve wanted to tackle this subject matter for quite some time, ever since the first pictures of Ukrainian SOF units with an incredibly high-speed mixture of gas masks, pano NVGs and Multicam goodies were released. Like SBU Alpha and other Ukrainian mil/LEO formations, the 801st Det. seems to gain a lot of their kit either from military aid, or from soliciting donations from private individuals. (I’ve encountered someone who claims to be an intermediary on another forum, a person who allegedly supplies SBU Alpha with kit ranging from eye pro to Sig MCX rifles). In return, the operators post pictures of themselves using the donated kit - a pretty weird situation by Western standards. Overall, the unit seems to have very high-speed sensibilities (the LCF or “Look Cool Factor”), using surplus MARPAT, Multicam, civvies, GPNVGs, AKs and M4s (often painted in digital schemes) and heavily-modified APS pistols.

801st Combat Diver - Loadout

1st Line/Uniform

  • Footwear - Salomon Quest 4D GTX, OD (DAM)
  • Top - USMC-issue FROG shirt, MARPAT Arid (DAM)
  • Jacket - Carinthia G-LOFT ISG 2.0, grey (DAM)
  • Pants - Crye GEN 3, MC (DAM)
  • Gloves - WileyX CAG gloves, OD (DAM)
  • Gas Mask - British-issue S10 respirator (SS)
  • Bucket - (Replica) High-cut, FS cover, Princeton Tec Charge MPLS, Contour Camera, L3 GPNVG-18 w/ battery pack + counterweight, S&S V-Lite (DAM)
  • Holster - Safariland 6354DO (?), MC (ES + custom)

2nd Line

  • PC - Crye AVS, MC (DAM)
  • Front - ESSTAC Triple Kywi, short, tan (ES)
  • IFAK - Ferro Concepts “Dangler”, MC (ES + custom)
  • TQ - NAR TQ x 1 (DAM)
  • Pistol mags - Tac Tailor Double pistol mag pouch, MC (SS)
  • Comms - Blackhawk! M4 pouch, Baofeng radio + headset (ES + DAM)
  • Hydration - LBT 6142A 2L pouch, AOR1 (SS)
  • Misc - flex cuffs + carabiner (SS + DID)


  • Stechkin APS, suppressed (DAM)
  • AK-101, Magpul AFG, EOTech 551, Zenitco furniture (DAM)




Right on @Canuck. Keep them coming. :clap: :+1:

WOW! Just amazing work man!

Interesting loadout and surprising to see NVDs like the GPNVG used by eastern special forces.

Well, that’s different.

Interesting kit and procurement for sure.

Thanks guys. Yeah, it’s definitely a weird look!

Another sharp, and unique figure, Mike. That stuff hung on the APS’ suppressor is an interesting idea, fairly handy and quiet, Just a touch of “G” -ness.

nice custom figure…

Thanks! Agreed, the APS is pretty cool - I might have to try modding that properly

Great figure! Sorry for the nitpicking, but with the silencer adapter, shouldn’t it be the APB and not APS?

Correct, thanks for pointing that out! I appreciate “nitpicks” anyway, they help me get better!

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Thanks, good to know. Then we are quite a like in this regard. I also love the detail and correct labeling. Also learning all the time.