UK's Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer (CT-SFO)

As always please excuse the major photo dump. Here are my CT-SFO operators. These happen to be some of my favorite bashes I have put together in awhile. As always, I like to give each a unique set-up corresponding with a role. Thank you for the interest in my work
First up is the medic:

Plain Clothes Officer

This one I prefer as a DSI operator but here is the CT-SFO version…

Reference photos:

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Great work Wally,

some great bashes and i love your MCX and LVAW conversions. Good idea with that folding stock in combination with the AR stock. My favorites are the first and last one. Very nice collection.

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Absolutely love them. Very detailed and just well done overall.

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Thank you very much! Believe or not I have one more to share but alas cannot get a hold of another baseball cap.

They look just like DSI members, I was deceived for a split second.

Definitely could get away with being DSI as well, really just need to change insignias! I wish I had a Sig MCX with a collapsible stock for each. What did you think of DSI I was able to put together?

Nice conversions on the SIG MPX and LVAW!

These are amazing, especially like 1 & 2. I was out of the hobby when all the CTSFO figs dropped, so I would have to bash my own too. Great stuff here.