UKSF Manchester Terror Attack May 2017


Sorry for my question @AdamC but it’s black or blue uniform G3 on the SAS operator, please ?

Interesting Video Adam with a good overview of the equipment.

I would say it should be dark-blu. The CT-SFO Operators in the background are wearing grey Uniforms. This Figure is based on this terrible event and wears the blue Uniform

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THX for your feedback @Col.Braddock.
Difficult to find this dark blue uniform from E&S now ?
Could be replaced by these from LAPD SWAT, not sure.

Oh yes, it is :smile:. I need this one too but it is sold out. I think the one from the SWAT Figure is the best alternative avaiable but it is a different Shirt. The Trousers looks identical. Also the patches are glued on. Here is the review from the SWAT Figure - Easy & Simple LAPD SWAT Police Officer

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The SAS one is the G3 Combat Uniform and the SWAT Version is the G3 LAC and for Police Units. I think it is the best choice if you do not get the one from GWG.

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You could potentially remove (unsew?) the stitching on some arm pockets from a blue or black G3 uniform top and then sew/glue them into place to cover the LAPD badges on the above LAC uniform from the SWAT figure.

Here are a few more pics.


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Presumed SAS in their Black Kit, which is the modernized version of their old black kit with a distinctive black on multicam dual tone. The uniforms are black but often mistaken for dark navy or blue due to the lighter tone in the sleeve/pant leg material. They use the Crye G3 or AC in black with tan or black knee pads.

Related link here with some of the elements of their Black Kit. In this case they were using some of the Arcteryx gear to blend in more readily when not fully kitted.


That one (GWG SAS) is inaccurate due to the colors, same with the SWAT’s G3 LAC . Soldier Story FBI CIRG has the GEN 3 Crye in black, and I believe it was the DAM Ryder Watson that had as well. There may be a few others I’m not recalling from the other brands.

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Good to know, disregard my post about adding on shoulder pouches in that case. That makes things a lot simpler. If only they started using MC Black…

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Here is a breakdown of some of the kit that has been seen across various references and from the re-enactment community. This covers a broader range of modern time and given the sources may have some inaccuracies but this should be good starting point to give some ideas for a kitbash.



1st Line:

2nd Line:



Surefire M600 flashlight


THX a lot guys for your answers.

So, I conclude by thinking that it is easier to make one in all Multicam like this.

But it seems to be not original.

Last question, on the video, it seems that the K9 operator has lateral protection on his helmet, isn’t it ?

Like the DAM 78047 Spetsnaz in Multicam and A-TACS camo.


Yes it looks like the Ops-Core side covers, another interesting sighting. Either way if you are looking to do a black or multicam loadout the challenge finding parts is a bit similar, ie the belts and some of the pouches, the Glock 19 setup. Some of the parts we can look for pieces that have already been made that approximate the look to give the general impression.

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@AdamC Can’t locate any proper picture of our famous 26022R guy. As I want to equip my figure with the corect gear, do you remember if he was wearing an NVG mount attached, this silver plate only attached to the shroud where to slide on the mount or the plain shroud only?

I don’t recall. I’ll see if I can track down that video again.