US Green Beret, Vietnam

I picked up an ex-shop display Green Beret at a bargain price last month and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised that it was so nice

It was based on a Dragon Green Beret with the likeness and insignia for Colonel Mike Kirby played by John Wayne in the movie of the same name

The webbing did not look like Dragon items and I think it had been replaced with Ace equipment, as were his boots

I liked everything apart from the headsculpt and the fact he was supposed to be a specific person

I decided to swap out the head and replace some of the insignia and also gave him a more realistic beret

The sling was removed from his rifle as well as they are usually ditched by SF personnel

I’ve still got to weather the figure up and will probably mount him onto a base but here are my efforts so far





Very nice. I have my Kirby somewhere. The original body he came with always disturbed me. So I swapped the body as well. You did a nice job on the upgrades.

Nice upgrades, and good use of that new head. :+1: