USASOC Heckler & Koch UMP45


I have been thinking about a bash using one of those lately.

The shirts are awesome haha

Any ID on pics 1 and 4? I’d lean towards AWG or Group for the 4th one but am unsure

Give us in 1/6 from a more quality brand. The Brother Production UMP is getting old, unfortunately.

First is Matt Pucino of 5th and 20th SFG. No ID on the other.

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The examples I have are from DML (which is a nice model), and Hasbro (the modular sets). The DML products are nice, and I’ve always liked the concept of that package in .45ACP, tho the 9mm version offers utility. I’ve not seen any operator opinions regarding their reliability.

Interesting use of bar code stickers for inventory, those didn’t survive long on heavy tools at one of my jobs. Vibrating engravers and paint pens helped a bit.


The DML UMPs are closer to the original, but Brother Production has a working charging handle and markings. Especially the stock from Brother Production is a miss.

I have seen several Hasbro sets Mint in pictures, but never in hand. They are like build yourself sets with moving parts?

I believe Armoury also made a decent UMP.

I would love to track down one from that Brothers Production figure.

They are component parts; the receiver, barrels and various forearms and buttstocks. Some pretty basic optics, magazines and some bits ‘n’ bobs. They seemed to vary in detail with each weapon.

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I think James Bond and Die Hard figures come with it. Maybe it helps.

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