USASOC training with French CPA10

So I’ve been wanting to kitbash this one for over a year and a half and finally, I got what I needed to finish him off. This is my take on a single headshot I have of a USASOC member during training with the French CPA10 (Commando Parachutiste De l’Air 10 [CPA10]) during Emerald Warrior 2018. I didn’t do any touch-ups but I may still later on. I’m working on a second one and I’m hopeful I’ll refine the work a bit more. Once he’s done I’ll take shots of both side by side. Enjoy

Here are three touched up, and one is before I got his gear on him.


Looks great BB, just like the original pic.

Very close good work! The pretty much exact glasses you will get with set C from the link below:

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