Very Cool Female Asassin - Catch Me using DAM's weapons?

Is this what you call an OEM manufacturer? These weapons are straight from DAM/VTS.

People who missed the VTS Tracy MPX could at least get one now, if Very Cool keeps the quality. Stay well away from these DAM pistols though!

Verycool is a brand for an OEM, or at least produced by the same OEM behind Flagset, Caltek, and others. Looking at the Chinese release information:

-SIG MPX-K冲锋鎗(DAM提供)

That translates to provided by DAM. Given this is a barebones figure at an overpriced cost (VTS Tracy cost less and was a fully loaded figure) it’ll probably end up selling for more than the DAM version.

Noticed they have a triple M4 mag pouch for this one. Must have used the Flagset designer…