VERYCOOL VCF-2029 Female Shooter - Black Ver

Real Like Rooted Hair Head Sculpt
VC 3.0 Large Bust Female Body (Soft Breasts)
One (1) Pair of Sunglasses
Wrist Watch
Black Beanie Hat
Tactical Pants(Black)
One (1) Pair of PVC Knee Pads
Waist Belt
One (1) Pair of Military Boots
One (1) Badge Magic Stick
M4 Assault Rifle
M4 Grab Handle
M4 Flashlight
M4 Rifle Telescope
P226 Pistol
Pistol Mag
Pistol Holster
Climbing Buckle
Earphone + Intercom
Infantry Pack
GP Pouch
Cartridge Recycling Bag
Three (3) Pair of Hands
Gloved Hands (3)