VERYCOOL VCF-2050 Flecktarn Woman Soldier Kerr


  • Emulational head sculpture -VC 3.0 middle chest female body (Soft chest)
  • Flecktarn tactical coat
  • Flecktarn tactical pants
  • Long sleeve(Black)
  • GTX tactical boots (TAN)
  • Cap (Black)
  • Beret (Red)
  • Waistband (Green)
  • Tactical bulletproof vest
  • Tactical webbing board *2
  • Backpack
  • Cap badge
  • Badge *3
  • Grenade
  • Earphone
  • Broadcasting station
  • Broadcasting station package
  • Sundry Package
  • Magazine package *3
  • GLOCK-17 Pistol
  • GLOCK 9MM 17 Magazine *3
  • Holster+Thigh plate
  • C7K AR15 Rifle
  • DD Optical Sight
  • T1 Gunlight
  • Grip
  • Handle
  • Picatinny rail *2
  • Strap buckle
  • Beehive Magazine *4
  • Gun belt (Black)
  • Holding hand(A pair) -Hook gun hand(A pair) -Fist hand(A pair) -Natural hand(A pair)

Well at least they changed the rifle this time. Not that the Germans adopted a range warrior rifle mind you. That backpack is pretty neat.

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I do like that rifle

Do like the rifle, but what’s with the grin?

I agree, that rifle is slick.

I think the gold VC MPX-K is my favorite SMG so will definitely pick one of these up. So glad VC exists to make these colorful weapons.

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With the many female soldiers and operators out there, they seem compelled to do “Sports Illustrated” figures. I cannot complain about the sculpt, it is quite nice. They do give a full uniform, as well.
I am being sincere, not snarky, when I say that I think that looks like one of the better 1:6 scale berets I have seen. If it is as good as it looks, I’d like several, for use on male sculpts.

Head seems different… :blush:

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This is one of the primary figures, besides the IDF Naschol figure that came out during my hiatus and that I’m trying to find without paying $400 for.