VERYCOOL VCF-2052 Russian Special Combat Soldier Miss Spetsnaz

Product List:

  • Emulational head sculpture
  • VC 3.0 medium chest female body (soft chest)
  • Patriot fleece jacket
  • Combat pants
  • Tactical boots
  • T-shirt
  • Camouflage helmet
  • Camouflage neck
  • Tactical vest “M2”
  • Tactical vest *2
  • Belt
  • Glasses
  • Plastic handcuffs *2
  • Light stick *2
  • Carabiner
  • Morale badge *2
  • Russia flag badge *2
  • IFF strap
  • IFF patch *3
  • Leg Holster for Glock G17 pistol
  • Tactical Belt module
  • Quick pistol mag pouch *2
  • Quick rifle mag pouch
  • Grenade pouch *2
  • Dump pouch
  • Natural hand-shape gloves (1 pair)
  • Hold shape gloves (1 pair)
  • Fist shape gloves (1 pair)
  • Hook gun glove for right hand
  • FAST helmet
  • AK-105 assault rifle
  • AK 30 round magazine
  • AK 45 round magazine *3
  • C-more red dot sight *2
  • AK optic mount
  • Tactical illuminator
  • Vertical grip
  • Gun rope
  • G17 pistol
  • G17 magazine *2

Thanks DAMTOYS for the weapons & accessories

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Happy to finally see an ANA M2 plate carrier, Helikon Tex fleece, an Ops Core helmet cover, and what looks to be a 5.45 Design Fast-type helmet, as they are all either authentically Russian or commonly used by Russian forces, but most of this figure is pretty silly in my opinion.


I like it! Definite buy for me!

I like it, too! She’s got a full uniform instead of sone scanty wardoll outfit, a plate carrier and interesting gear. Even if it’s unrealistic in the end, this will probably be the first VeryCool figure I’ll buy.

I agree. Not your usual female “tactical ho” release.

I am intrigued by the helmet and BA on what appears to be male mannequins. It would be a plus if those items are large enough for male figures, tough to assess without a scale reference.
I’d be mightily pleased if the endless line of rifle variants were broken up by some Russian combat shotguns.

See pre-orders online for Very Cool’s new female figure Miss Spetsnaz. Is this creative license or do female Spetsnaz exists?

Figure looks ok - bit glam as usual on female figures (long hair, Saturday night lipstick etc, all I am sure against regulations). Plus RRP looking a bit high for this figure, happy to skip it.

Doesn’t exist as far as I’m aware. That being said, it’s good to see female figures that aren’t hypersexualized.

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Totally agree, nice to see no midriff, tight tops etc. More I look at this figure, more I like it for maybe a kitbash based on general armed service. Would like to see price around £100 mark, so maybe get parts.

Off to do some googling on Female’s serving in Russian army.

Considering that various SOFs and OGAs around the world employ female personnel, I’d be surprised if the Russians did not.
Suited up and employed as DA operators? I can’t say, but it would seem likely some might train and operate with teams, according to needs - not, say, as all-female “heavy” units.
Just my two kopeks…

I agree with you.

UK The Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) good example. SF unit designed to meet today’s needs, mixing all 3 parts of the ARMY and including women (only UKSF regiment to include women in operational roles).

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Saw this pic on Last Stand On Zombie Island, thought it applied to the discussion on female operators. A Norwegian Coastal Ranger, with her rig and 416.

Now, THAT would be one great figure! She looks cool and highspeed! Pity, that no-one will ever tackle such a subject…

Norway’s Jegertroppen is an all-female SOF unit undergoing the same testing and training as their male counterparts, apparently with great success. They would well deserve a 1/6 tribute, in my eyes!

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That sculpt is beautiful.

FYI the weapons are DAM, strange though that they opted for the old mould G17.

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Wait, what? DAM toys is producing the weapons for them?

Maybe even more. The last sentence from the part list reads: Thanks DAMTOYS for the weapons & accessories

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They have a working relationship with VC. I know DAM provided VC with their suppressed Sig MPX-K for a figure a year or two ago.

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Assortment of photos … for first figures available. (source bbicn) :blush:

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