VERYCOOL VCF-2053 The Slavic Warrior

  • Emulational head sculpture
  • Man body
  • Replace hand type *6
  • T-shirt
  • Black sports coat
  • Black sports pants
  • Black sneakers
  • Maska-1Sch helmet
  • 6B13 body armor
  • Tactical chest rig
  • Double rifle mag pouch *2
  • Quick pistol mag pouch *4
  • Pistol holster (lift hand)
  • Pistol holster (right hand)
  • Gun sling
  • AK-74 assault rifle
  • AK 30 round magazine
  • AK 45 round magazine
  • Holographic sight
  • AK-74 optic mount
  • Tactical illuminator
  • Vertical grip
  • Ak-74 bayonet
  • AK-74 bayonet scabbard
  • Stechkin automatic pistol *2
  • Stechkin pistol magazine *4

Thanks DAMTOYS for providing weapons

Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different.
All information is subject to changing without prior notice.


Killa from Tarkov. Ruler of Interchange!

Might consider the sportswear and sneaker as loose parts, otherwise it’s not my cup of tea. I’m just not into video games…

The helmet makes me salivate!

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Comes with Chiquita Banana mag, replaces one black 30rd from the preview


Haha is that mag for real in 1:1? Or a joke they threw into the figure.

This mag comes with the figure, but after talking to @Jaro it seems to be an Escape from Tarkov thing. The video game.

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I want that mag!!! This is so ridiculous and so cool! :joy:

Totally unexpected for someone who didn’t play that game!


LOL. Well thats unexpected little nod to the game.

These mags could apparently be looted in the video game Escape From Tarkov in 2020. The QR code worked too, led to a Google search with a Russian phrase.

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From reddit:

QR code on new banana magazines scanned

It takes you to google and searches for “Тебе делать совсем нехуй?” and google translate gives you “Do you really do a fack?” Just so everyone knows

Just got the helmet in hand, looks and feels good so far. Visor locks up properly and all details present one the real helmet are included. All that’s left is to paint it green. Good buy for anyone that was looking for the fanspower maska.