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I’ve been playing The Division for a long while as well as Ghost Recon Wildlands. Ubisoft titles aren’t for everyone but I find them good for when you just want to play in short bursts. Single player is pretty much going away as most publishers want to sell games as a service, meaning expansions, cosmetic items, loot boxes, etc. I’m not really into multiplayer games as much as every game ends up full of people running exploits. Steam sales a good way to pickup old games for cheap as well as most publishers have their titles on there. Nintendo always has some good titles, but always the same old story with lack of third party support because they always use old hardware.

That’s the sad truth, in my opinion. Did you try ARMA III?

Try GOG/Good old games. They are DRM free, so no internet connection needed when playing. Only downside is they concentrate on older games. Only a few newer titles, but not a mess like Steam with all these stupid early access/green light games.

I never tried both of them. I hear they lacked certain things, but the huge open worlds and gear should be fun for playing coop, I think.

I like what they are trying to do with Arma but find it a bit low/sim heavy. There are tons of mods and content however if you want specific items in the game.

I try not to take any game reviews seriously these days as most are paid reviews or market to a certain type of customer. Unless you are making a hipster indie game or have some weird social commentary in your game most titles seem to get negative reviews or get criticized for what they are not. The open world games aren’t for everyone as some people need a more linear story driven experience that guides them through a game. I think most people are having a difficult time adjusting to the fact that single player titles and that linear experience are going away. For myself I’m more interested in having good game mechanics and something that you can just jump into and play in short bursts. Ubisoft games all tend to feel sort of similar, but they have always done a good job with shooter mechanics, gear, etc which to me is more important for an entertaining experience. Good example is I can never understand why Skyrim was popular, great story/level design but the basic game mechanics of moving and fighting are beyond god awful and made playing it feel like a chore.

I usually watch Worth a buy. It’s quite funny and more or less tailored to my video game preferences. He is also not paid by developers.

Raven Shield is still my favorite. AI would need an update.
Ubisoft in general does good pick up games. I am just worried about their loot box policy.

I can totally understand. I really enjoyed it till my save game got corrupted. But fighting was a pain. No variety.
Kingdom Come Deliverance is out. This looks promising.
But in most cases story and overall feeling seems to succeed over gameplay. “Last of us” was also weak in controls and mechanics but everyone loved it.

With the titles I’ve played they can be completely ignored for the single player experience as they are mostly just cosmetic items. Might be a bit different in the multiplayer side as I don’t bother with that side as much. The whole pay to play thing is annoying, between that and everyone running exploits/hacks it makes multiplayer terrible. If you wait for sales most of the games end up being pretty cheap, so long as you don’t mind a 50-100gb download with the way some of the newer titles are.

Unfortunately that’s always the two edged sword. Older single player games with immersing ideas, but old tech. Or newer, visually great games, with good mechanics, but shallow content. That’s at least the average comparison up to date. Of course there are exceptions.

Is it a coincidence you like Ubisoft (Canadian) games?

Lots of Russian gear in the new CoD. They definitely put attention to detail, hope it’s all valid and matching.