Vietnam War - Ho chi minh trail VC Sniper

Here my lady sniper called Apache (like the real one killed by White Feather).
Rice hat and ho chi minh sandals made by myself.

I used and customized a WW2 german bicycle by Dragon.



Wow! That’s realy impressive…great custom work.:+1:

Thanx bro… What an hard work to weather that bycicle :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Very nice. Unique subject well put together. Nice weathering especially on bike and accessories.

You thought about doing an Australian SAS kitbash. Always been interested in the small roll they played in Vietnam.

Thanx you so much brother

Thank you so much.
I have a SAS custom figures. Bought last year from a Spanish guy.
I don’t know if he works well or not ahah.
I have to study more SAS pics ahah