VTS "KRISS Vector" (The Darkzone Agent)

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Virtual Toys

  • VM-017 [Full figure]


  • KRISS USA Vector (BEIGE/BLK) :us:
  • G-21 Mag + KRISS SUPER V MagEX G30 Kit 9×19mm (30rd) x3
  • G-21 Mag 9×19mm (13rd) x2
  • EOTech 551
  • Magpul PTS MBUS Flip Up Sight
  • Magpul RVG Vertical Grip
  • SilencerCo .45 Osprey

This is only a closer look at the KRISS Vector.

All accessories detached and displayed

Foldable stock with retractable shoulder piece

DAM’s wording is never smudged. Always great execution.

I didn’t realize from the product shots, that this KRISS has awesome detail. The charging handle is very well done.

EOTech 551


Magpul RVG

Osprey Silencer

G21 mag 13rd and G30 mag 30rd

Unfortunately they took the easy way here and only did one detailed mag. A bit disappointing.

Fully geared up.

With ordinary pistol mag and silencer.

Disassembling the stock

Vector in use.

Update with the DAM Syria PMSC Drum Mag

Mag color is slightly different and sits a little bit loose. No big deal though.


The drum mag

New Vectors on the way from DAM

Such a nice piece. I believe it was Adam that hooked me up with mine so thanks again brother. :slight_smile:

Guilty as charged! I love the two tone look with this one. Celebrating your birthday today? Looks like that addon I installed is working. :+1:

Hehe, well it was the third and I really couldn’t call it celebrating but yeah it was. :expressionless:

I know the feeling! I’ve stopped celebrating mine now as it always seems to coincide with some new injury I pick up and new grey hairs.

Some of you who obtained the Kriss as well, could you please let me know, if 2 of your 3 30rd mags have a plain back and only 1 a nicely detailed one?

On the left the mag shows the bullet count, the right one doesn’t. Only one 30rd mag has these details. Could someone please confirm?

Update with the drum mag from the DAM PMSC.

That looks awesome. I’ll have to try and grab an extra drum mag loose if MD breaks 'em down again.