VTS "MPX-SD" (The Darkzone Agent Tracy)

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Virtual Toys

  • VM-019 [Full figure]


  • SIG Sauer MPX-SD (BLK) :switzerland: :us:
  • SIG Sauer Mag 9×19mm (30rd) x2+1
  • Aimpoint Micro T-1 Red Dot Sight
  • SIG Sauer Flip Up Sights
  • SureFire X300 Ultra
  • BCMGUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip short
  • Bungee Sling

Originally SIG (Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) was Swiss, then merged with a German company which founders name was Sauer. Now I think they produce mainly in the US.
The SD in the name should be the German acronym for “Schalldämpfer” (silencer).

The parted set:

Some close ups with SIG logo

Fire selector is working

Stock retractable, but a bit loose unfortunately

Attached sling

Working charging handle

The handguard has rails and can be removed, which is needed to attach the foregrip. Otherwise there is no space to slide it on.

Integrated suppressor

SIG Sauer 9mm 30rd

SureFire X300 Ultra

Aimpoint Micro T-1

Vertical Grip

Flip up Iron Sights

Geared up

The E&S SCO19 has the MCX already so I chose him to pose.

There is a takedown pin to disassemble this weapon like all the 416s and M4s out there.


I dared to take it apart. Poke out the takedown pins with sth like a toothpick. Metal tools in my opinion might scratch the item.

Front pin

Rear pin

Lift the upper receiver. There is a slight resistance, so don’t force it.

You can see the bolt.

They also released the Tracy R figure with a golden MPX-SD, but due it’s fantasy look it sold worse, despite being the exclusive version of the figure.

Also a nice piece…

I didn’t know the MPX’s entire front end was removable. I just used my fingernail to pop the rail panels off and on. They are held in place with two pegs each, and are easily removable if you are careful.

I’ve got one fully-loaded MPX with all the accessories included with the Tracy figure attached, and one stripped-down MPX with just the Troy sights fitted and the three rail panels removed.

Is this MPX in use somewhere/unit? No luck for me searching the web.

They’ve been trying to sell that one more to police units as a modernized MP5. The SIG MCX Rattler has been tested with various units like CAG and the navy guys but not sure if it has gone on contract yet.

I remember your ref pic you once posted. This US guy (forgot the unit) had it.

Didn’t see a thread for the new DAM Combat Girl figures (Lucy and Nana). DAM’s reusing the MPX-K for both of them, and it does not have the suppressor attached this time around. Also newly included is a 20-round magazine.

I’d make my own unsuppressed MPX, but I think DAM glued the suppressor on and I don’t want to chance it.

I think DAM made the MPX-SD first. It has an integrated suppressor and you can’t take it off on the model.

Good to know about these two girls. I checked and the MPX-Ks with 20rd mags are very nice. I will grab a black one!

Yup, they issued it with both versions of Tracy. I have a couple of the black ones. I’ll probably pick up two more of the black unsuppressed ones!